About Cody Gough

I’m Cody Gough, a radio host, commercial actor, and award-winning podcast producer in Chicago. I produce and host the Curiosity Daily podcast for Curiosity.com and have been on-air with the Brian Noonan Show on WGN Radio since 2008. At WGN, I’ve also filled in as a host and producer for various shows, in addition to hosting and producing a lifestyle podcast, Game/Life Balance U.S. (which is also syndicated on the GonnaGeek Network).

Prior to that, I hosted and produced the Unqualified Gamers podcast for 4 years, and among various other acting roles, including portraying the nerdy college student Ray in Arts & Crafts: A Web Series. I’ve performed in Second City, Annoyance, and iO Theater student shows, Gorilla Tango Theater productions, and appeared in a number of independent films, web productions and industrial/commercial videos.

Cody Gough introducing a live recording of the Curiosity Podcast at the Chicago Podcast Festival

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn page for more on my background, or listen to one of my podcasts to get to know me even better:

Cody Gough hosting TEDxNaperville


3 responses to “About Cody Gough”

  1. Kellen Stumbris says :

    Thanks for sharing this. It was a great article, and sounds exactly like what I’ve been explaining – only much better 🙂
    Please check out my upcoming event for Bernie

  2. Nathan Shaver says :

    Hey Cody! You may not remember me well (Nate Shaver from Auburn), but I wanted to let you know I just read the Bernie sanders post. It was shared with me by an artist I follow who lives in Rural Arizona! He has a lot of followers, so your word is getting out there! Looks like you’re doing some great stuff! I just thought you’d want to know. The artist is Chip Thomas

    • Cody Gough says :

      Holy crap of course I remember you Nate! That’s so awesome to hear. Thanks so much for letting me know. I really appreciate the comment, and I’ll totally check out his art. Hope you’re doing well dude!

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