I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic

Today I read for maybe the 10,000th time an assertion that supporters of Bernie Sanders are unrealistic, that Bernie Sanders supporters will all be disappointed if they elect him because he won’t be able to bring the change he’s promising, that Bernie Sanders’ policies will be “just another example of Democrats making promises they can’t keep,” and so on and so forth. And I’d like to briefly dispel a misconception about people who support Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States:

We’re not stupid.


I have a college education and a good job, and I’m guessing I’m not the only Sanders supporter who does. Now, this doesn’t necessarily make me smart, but it is at least an indicator of having achieved some level of learning that would indicate that I’m capable of coherent and independent thought.

And guess what? I don’t expect any of Bernie Sanders’ major proposals to take effect in the next 2, 3, or possibly even 4 years. I don’t support Bernie Sanders simply because I think he’ll magically overturn Citizens United, fix our indisputably broken campaign finance system, legalize marijuana, eliminate privately owned prisons, pass a single-payer healthcare system, crack down on Wall Street, or pass most of his other proposals within his first year of office.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: I, like presumably most Americans who support Bernie Sanders, do not expect miracles.

What I do expect, by electing Bernie Sanders, is to have an honest president whom Americans can trust at all times to be completely sincere, and who will work as hard as he can to represent the interests of the American people. By electing Bernie Sanders, I expect that the leader of our country will actually represent me and not just major corporations who are cutting him big checks. And no, I don’t get the sense that Hillary Clinton possesses any of those qualities. Decidedly.

And you know what? Maybe the “political revolution” Bernie Sanders keeps talking about won’t happen. Maybe electing Bernie Sanders will put him in office for 4 years, nothing productive will happen, and once his term is over, we’ll be back to “politics as usual” and huge corporations like Comcast and pharmaceutical and insurance companies and huge financial institutions will go right back to doing whatever they want because hey, they run things and they have money, so who’s going to stop them, right?

But if Bernie Sanders is elected president, then maybe, just maybe, things will change. And that’s worth a vote. That’s worth trying.

(Not to mention: the Affordable Care Act was never “supposed” to make it, and remember what happened there? Also worth noting that Bernie Sanders helped write it. Implementation has been far from perfect, but he still got it passed.)

And if Bernie Sanders is elected president and this whole “political revolution” thing we all keep talking about actually does happen, then think of the possibilities. We are at a point in our history when we, as citizens this country, can legitimately make the United States of America the indisputable greatest country on earth. We have the rare opportunity to lead the world by example in showing what a government can do when it isn’t corrupt and solely focused on making a handful of individuals disproportionately wealthy.

THAT is what I’m voting for. I’m voting for the hope, the possibility, that things will change—realistically, over time. And electing Bernie Sanders will send a clear message—to corporations, to the media, to our current elected officials, and to anyone progressive who’s thinking about running for office but doesn’t believe in getting support—that enough is enough, and that it’s time to start listening to the public and not just to a board room full of campaign donors.

Electing Bernie Sanders is pushing a snowball off the top of a mountain and seeing how far it will roll.

So stop assuming that Bernie Sanders supporters are unrealistic or stupid, because we’re not. Call us hopeful, call us idealists, call us optimists, but don’t call us unrealistic or stupid. And stop underestimating us.

As a supporter of Bernie Sanders, I fully recognize that this whole “political revolution” thing is not a guarantee. But right now, the opportunity to start one is a whole lot more appealing to me than the status quo.


Learn more about where Bernie Sanders stands on the issues at http://feelthebern.org/


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632 responses to “I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic”

  1. J Alan says :

    Bernie may be “authentic”…but are you serious? He wants to raise the taxes of businesses and billionaires to such a high rate!?? We have already lost millions of jobs overseas because we already are the highest business taxer in the world! You really think the Government can afford to give you all this free stuff Sanders is saying? We can’t afford what we do NOW for christsake! The Government is borrowing a billion dollars every hour of the day to run the country. We can’t even afford to pay the interest on the debt this country has! Over 19 trillion run up under Obama from 7 trillion in 2008! Even if you raise those taxes…you will only drive the remaining jobs overseas. Are you people really this ignorant? REALLY?????

    • Adam says :

      Look at your defense and black project spending, and sit down. Your current govt is so corrupt, you have no clue what they can afford or not.

      • stevecan2 says :

        You do realize that the same ” Corrupt System ” passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act correct? Or the same system that instituted Keynesian economics, to the point that even a Republican President said, ” I guess everyone is a Keynesian now.” Too often, do I hear Bernie supports say, you cannot change the system within the system. It has been done time and time again. Denmark, the epitome of Bernie’s system he wants in place is 6.8M people. Let that sink in, the state of Indiana has more people. Let’s look at Canada, 38M people. That is the size of New York, Los Angels and San Fransisco combined. The United States has grown to 330M people before Bernie, who has more? The USSR, want to be current day Russia? That is the progress that you wish for, to be like Russia?!? There is a HUGE difference between Cronyism and Capitalism. Well, the USSR and collapsed. Is that what you want, the U.S. to collapse?

      • DCassell says :

        You can zero out defense spending and on current projections you would still not have enough money. Life is unfair since we can never achieve utopia people will always feel the need to force feed us there solutions. Government need to be reign in just like wall Street. Government even more so cause of it prints it’s own money making it much more acceptable to corruption.

      • Bob Onya says :

        Anyone who believes, or hopes, Bernie Sanders will do anything but stay the course is delusional. As is anyone who believes that The State is in any way not a vast criminal enterprise.

      • Sam says :

        So, because the government is corrupt, bloated, spends money recklessly and if fraught of waste you support a man that wants to increase the governments spending and double it’s size. Wow, you have just proven what is said about Bern supporters.

      • Cody Gough says :

        Thanks! I’m glad I’ve proven that Bernie supporters are incredibly good looking, intelligent, and well spoken. Appreciate the feedback!

    • Sam S says :

      There are some companies in 2014/2015 that paid an effective tax rate that was negative. Meaning that the US government paid them for no reason. Then they moved to Ireland.

      If you tell a company to either pay taxes or stop doing business in the US. I’m pretty sure they will choose to pay taxes. We can cry over the CEOs making only 30 million rather than 45 million later.

      • Vickie says :

        Like millions of individuals who never pay in a dime yet get a tax return to the tune of thousands of dollars…

      • Gavin says :

        companies don’t have a negative tax just because they want to. It’s called a carry back and a carryover. It means they had an operating loss. It’s not for no reason.

    • Rosalee Wolfe says :

      Obama has actually lowered the debt, but he did put two unfundeded wars on the books after Bush left them off.. Corporations are not people, and they should not be allowed to avoid taxes they owe. Many pay no taxes at all. Many are moving their headquarters on paper, at least, to another country to avoid taxes in this country. I say, those products can’t be sold in this country without a tariff…Corporations get more handouts than the poor. Bernie will stop that if you give him a congress willing to work.

      • Steve Tunis says :

        Exactly how is adding more debt than every other president in our history combined “lowering the debt”??????????

      • Carla Conway says :

        Obama has NOT lowered the debt. Debt and the deficit are two different things and the deficit is just lower than it was, but we are still spending more than we are taking in. The only thing obama knows how to do is waste taxpayer money! Spending needs to be reigned in! We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. If the rate were lowered the corporations would have more money to hire more people and pay higher wages!!!

      • Bill says :

        Obama’s plans have more than doubled our National Debt to over 17 trillion dollars, Bush had nothing to do with it. Obama touted he would end the wars and close Gitmo, His “exit strategy” through Iraq under the bus along with Afghanistan. Under his bizarre command, he has reduced the operational capability of our armed forces and stripped the command structure of far too many flag officers because they disagreed with his cowardly and disingenuous foreign policies. His ‘community organizer” skills has created the largest racial divide this country has seen in 50 years. The person inheriting his mess needs to have savvy business skills, a thorough understanding of economics and the ability to find the smartest people with the right skills to do the jobs, not old patronage klingons from Chicago like we have now. Bernie can’t do it and Hillary is bought and paid for already.

      • Bob Onya says :

        Taxation is theft. There is no social contract, there is no right to the fruits of another’s labor. We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Companies are made of people and deserve to keep what they earn. We need actual free markets and a very small government that has no power to sell to the highest bidder. There is no right to food, shelter, health care, or education at the expense and obligation of another. Bernie is a tool of the system and will do nothing but shuffle the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks.

      • Bob Churchill says :

        What planet have you been living on?? Ovomutt has added more to the national debt than all presidents before him. As for B
        urned out Sanders, why trade a Communist for a Socialist in our White House?? This is America not Russia!!

      • Cody Gough says :

        Wait… This is NOT RUSSIA?! Why did nobody tell me this?!?! SPOILER ALERT EVERYONE, AMERICA IS NO LONGER PART OF RUSSIA. Thank you for opening my eyes Bob

    • Arturo Robles says :

      You are paranoid, maybe even schizophrenic. Just for yours and anybody else who thinks so, that debt was brought about by the Re-pubes when Bush was in office and his damned war. Besides, I don’t think it’s that much. You, idiots, vote for candidates based on lies. Those who don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes can take their corporations to another country and peddle their papers elsewhere. I’m sure another company will take its place. So why don’t you shut up and go make your hubby that possum pie with the possum he shot for supper?

      • Roselyn Flores says :

        Name calling is always the best way to get your point across. I do not believe you understand what fair share means. Fair share means that everyone pays the same percent. In other words, a flat tax. That’s fair. $100 to you is like $1000 to someone who makes a considerable amount more. So its fair to say everyone must pay the same percentage. Taxing people that work hard to make ends meet is the worst for the economy. I know, because although we are not wealthy we pay 20% of our income in taxes. We have 3 kids, both of us work but we pay a great deal of our hard earned money.

      • Scott says :

        When those companies leave, there go those jobs – people lose their paychecks and all that those paychecks pay for. Since 2008, there have been no signed budgets, even when both the House and Senate were run by the Democrats and every one of those years was 1 TRILLION dollars over the Continuing Resolutions that Obama signed! That is 8 TRILLION more dollars added to the debt.

    • Sherrie says :

      Perhaps, you forget the part where he wants corporations to pay their FAIR SHARE of TAXES. He want to make it harder for those corporations to hide their profits in off-shore banks. Are you aware that taxes on Wall Street speculation are less than you pay
      busting your back every day?

      • Jim Saunders says :

        The bank and federal reserve joke are a scam. The debt , The value of a dollar,the cost of petrol products are an invention of Wall Street and the govt. on a daily basis.We are going to get a dose of reality soon no matter who is elected.I prefer Educated optimist instead of. Bought and paid for,. Or Charlatan clown. No matter it will take time to correct even if we take the right path. It’s a hard rain’s gonna fall.

    • Robin says :

      If we are so in debt why do we have an A+Credit rating in banking in the grand scheme of things it’s only 6 months worth of debt!! It may seem big but our debt to income ratio is **A+ so don’t use republican scare tactics to scare people away!!

      • Ben says :

        19 Trillion is 6 months worth of debt? Really? Do you really think the US government has an income of 38 Trillion a year, double the GDP? Facts aren’t republican scare tactics. The national debt really is scary, no tactics required.

    • Chris Stowell says :

      Wow… Your excuse for thought is ridiculous. Study Eisenhower tax rates then come back when you have a rational thought process

    • Beverly Alley says :

      no, just brain dead

    • jeff g says :

      J Alan,
      You forgot to read the article.
      And of course YOU are exactly the one who should.
      No harm, no surprise.
      There are always a few whose only mode is Scroll and Troll.

    • StandUpCarlos says :

      You are the problem. A chronic complainer and no solution to look at. You probably vote straight ticket as well.

    • Andy says :

      go to his website. He explains it all there. Here are some points to consider: If the USA adopts National Healthcare, businesses will be MORE likely to stay because they don’t have to worry about paying healthcare for their employees, their families, and especially for retired workers….Most countries place a small tax on stock transactions and similar market deals. It generates a lot of money and also reduces the impact of speed traders and others who destabilize the market. We spend some 60% of the federal budget on the military, maintaining nuclear arms and delivery systems capable of destroying the world many times over. It can cut considerably and the military reconfigured for the modern war; terrorists and jihadists

    • BernnoWay says :

      The Democratic party is in shambles. Hillary has no chance against Donald Trump in the general election–but her supporters scream that oh everyone has to vote for her because the big bad republicans will win the supreme court with a democrat… NEWS FLASH Bernie beats Trump by YUGE margins in every poll, if you’re so worried about the supreme court then maybe nominate a candidate with a chance to win!!

  2. Blake says :

    I am a single 46 year old man making $17000 a year. Before the ACA was implemented I had great insurance I could afford. Now I have either shitty healthcare with enormous deductibles or good insurance with high monthly premiums I can barely afford, so yeah thanks for that Bernie. For that reason alone I wouldn’t support him never mind his insane tax increases to pay for all his free goodies he is promising. This “revolution” you speak about is as meaningful as a fart in a blizzard, money will always be inextricably linked to politics and to think other wise is naive. All the millennial supporters of his show us hard working schlubs one thing, you offer free stuff and you get their “I want a free and easy life” support.

    • Cody Gough says :

      I actually may end up paying more for healthcare with Bernie’s plan. I don’t work a minimum wage job and I don’t “want free stuff” contrary to what you’ve said. But I do want poor families and underprivileged children and their parents to be able to go to a doctor and get treatments for life-threatening diseases without going bankrupt. Bernie’s healthcare policies are about taking care of my fellow Americans. For me it’s about being empathetic to those who try very hard but are constantly squashed by crippling costs of living in a country without corporations willing to support it.

      • Gary Brown says :

        Cody, Do you have the same empathy for illegal aliens, terrorists infiltrating our country, and lastly people who can work, but don’t due to gaming the system? Like you said, just because you went to college doesn’t make you smart; it’s more likely made you indoctrinated to liberal progressive bullshit.

      • Cody Gough says :

        Less than $50 a year of your taxes go to welfare programs. Over $4,000 a year of your taxes go towards corporate subsidies. So yes. I have more empathy for people who can work but don’t because they somehow game the system. Guilty as charged. Because they aren’t sucking you or me dry the way giant corporations who avoid paying taxes to the government are sucking me dry, not by a long shot. The guy surviving on welfare and barely paying any taxes is not the guy responsible for our crumbling roads and un-drinkable water, it’s the corporation taking in billions and giving its CEO multi-million dollar bonuses and not paying a dime to support our infrastructure. That’s not “liberal progressive indoctrination,” that’s common sense and basic math. Why are you so jealous of freeloaders with no significant impact on our economy and why do you focus so much of your hate there while you have no problem whatsoever with corporate greed that is actually causing demonstrable damage to our country? Get your head out of your ass and educate yourself, you brainwashed puppet.

      • Blake says :

        Your platitudes and good intentions don’t meet up with financial reality. I wish everyone had all they needed but that is impossible and you will bankrupt the rest of us trying to do it. And since I said nothing about you per se wanting free stuff but if you watch his supporters that is all they tout is all the “free stuff” Bernie is going to give them for their vote. That is a big difference between libs and cons. Conservatives promise voters to try and help you keep the money you earn. Liberals buy votes by promising “free stuff” that the rest of us pay for. Quit making me pay for your Utopian ideals. And though you “actually may end up paying more for healthcare with Bernie’s plan”, I and millions of others already do.

      • Daniel Kristl says :

        The problem with so called educated illiterates such as yourself, is you believe the tripe your ignorant professors drilled into your empty head,when in fact you are all the things you claim to not be.

      • Cody Gough says :

        I can read just fine… And certainly write much better than you. Unless you’ve got an article somewhere sitting at around a million views? Where’s your latest essay, Doctor Genius?

      • Not Telling says :

        There’s a fundamental, mind-wrenchingly simple truth right-wing nimrods are missing, which is simply that Democrats don’t believe in “handouts”. It’s all a question of how tax money is spent, and who it’s taken from (meaning Bernie will actually tax the middle class less). As for how it’s spent, it is presently an economic fact, proven via historical evidence, that tricle-down economics doesn’t work, in spite of what Ayn Rand and various Wall Street 80s coke-heads thought. As for who tax money is taken from, sometimes I wonder if right-wing pundits don’t get what “Middle Class” means. It’s a class of people, born out of the 1800s (mostly), who have an education, have a good job, contribute to economics and society to the extent that it basically 100% relies on them, and are not members of the aristocracy. That’s all it means. In the modern context, supplant “aristocracy” with “super-wealthy”. The modern middle class are hard working professionals, mostly with educations. A good modern economy not just thrives on, but actually requires a strong middle class. Bernie can’t stress that enough. And it stands to reason that the aforementioned, highly educated, high achievers should, by all moral rights and fiscal sanity, be able to afford things like medicine and a roof over their heads without trouble. That’s what Bernie is talking about. That alone. So if you’re anyone other than a member of the modern aristocracy, you will see economic benefit.

        If trickle-down economics worked the right would have a point, but once again, it doesn’t. That’s largely because of something called “global monopoly capital”. Instead of throwing hissy fits, why not go look such things up? Take a trip to your local library and leave people like Cody and myself alone.

        Thanks to global monopoly capital, the super-wealthy have once again become a ruling class (and their progeny and affiliates a leisure class) and calling them a modern aristocracy, or “new-world kings”, is too accurate for comfort. If you don’t take them on now, it will be too late. It may already be too late.

        If you still feel you can sum up the debate by saying, “But handouts are bad!” then you really aren’t worth anyone’s time.

        Don’t expect a reply to any ill conceived rant of yours, either. I’ve spent too much energy on such lost causes and frankly I know an idiot when I see one. I’m writing this because I’m suffering a back injury and I’m on too many pain killers to be much use at my real job, which is similar to Cody’s and requires mental acuity.

      • J Curling says :

        There are already entitlement programs for poor families. It’s called CHIP and Medicaid.

      • Doug says :

        Feel free to give as much as you want to any charity you wish. Find someone in your community in need and pay their medical bills. That is YOUR choice. It is not your right to take from other Americans at legal gunpoint. That is theft. I’m a uninsured Type 1 diabetic btw and I still don’t want to steal from my fellow Americans. You are also welcome to pack your stuff and move to Canada and don’t let the door hit you in the butt you freaking socialist.

      • Cody Gough says :

        I’m also a Type 1 diabetic and I can tell you that without proper treatment, you will die. Period. You will die and your family and loved ones will have to bury you and suffer. That is a fact. You don’t want my tax dollars to go towards a system that would save your life? Fine. But there are millions of people who are smarter than you. MUCH smarter than you. And they actually care about their families and loved ones. I want a system that will save their lives, and even yours, though you insist on hating me. I hope you take care of yourself.

      • Nomad says :

        My youngest Son was born with Spina Bifida, and is now on Medicaid. Let me tell you about Government run healthcare. We have already lost access to more than a third of his doctors, because the Medicaid reimbursements are lower than the doctors’ costs of administering care. It takes on average 6 months to get an appointment with the neurosurgeon for non-emergency care. The doctors we can still see are overwhelmed with patients and we usually leave their offices with more questions than answers. The reason that insurance costs have gone through the roof is because there are far fewer people paying for their healthcare than receiving it.

    • Arturo Robles says :

      What you are saying doesn’t make sense. If you had great insurance to begin with, there was no reason for you to change it. Nobody said, “Get this insurance, or else.” You’re lying out your ass. Your bullshit might work with your backward, backwoods inbreds, but not with all of America.

      • Q says :

        Actually there was a reason for him to change it. The rates probably went up drastically on him to to cover the people with pre existing conditions who did not have insurance before. Before you get on me about needing to cover pre existing conditions, ask yourself this question. If you have an automobile accident and do not have comprehensive coverage, can you go to the insurance company the next day and get comprehensive coverage and have them cover the accident you were in the previous day to get your car fixed? If car insurance companies did that, they would either go out of business or be forced to raise their rates to everyone.

      • Roger M. Galuska says :

        You know, these people who make grandiose blanket statements like “all the people who are gaming the system” never seem to be able to back them up with statistics or facts.
        Do your homework, then get back to me on that.
        Right here in my town in New Hampshire, we have a food pantry, to which I donate when I can.

        The director told me Walmart donates to them too.

        Wow, that’s so nice. Walmart is a wonderful company.

        That is, until she tells you that Walmart sends their own employees as clients.

        So Gary Brown, just who is “gaming the system”?

      • Cheryl says :

        Actually that claim that you could “keep your insurance” turned out not to be true. Some companies raised their rates, while others stopped covering anyone but the employee. Others lost it because it didn’t meet the new government restrictions. Or perhaps this person was one of the millions who lost their insurance because they got laid off. Perhaps, instead of makin assumptions and throwing around accusations, you might have asked them what happened in a polite, respectful manner.

      • Kelly says :

        There is a lot about the ACA that was not truthful, right or fair. My brother had a high paying job his entire life. Planned and invested for a retirement at 63, with plans for Medicare and SS at 65. Did everything right. But then along came ACA. Now he pays $2400 a month MANDATORY . . . MANDATORY . . . that’s $72,000 for the 30 months until Medicare kicks in. That’s a bite out of anybody’s retirement planning. He and his wife are healthy, active, no prior conditions. It is entirely unfair that our government FORCES us to pay for something like this that we don’t want. It’s being stolen out of his retirement to pay for somebody else. The government can’t run anything, not one single department, without waste and corruption. Why on earth anybody thinks letting them meddle with health care is a good idea, I will never understand.

    • ClintDee says :

      The fact that US spends more on health insurance per capita than almost any other country on the planet, yet still manage to cover only about 1/3 of the population should tell you something about how broken the system is.

  3. Huddyup says :

    Reblogged this on Holistic Discovery Inspired and commented:
    Well put & I couldn’t agree more. #FeelTheBern

  4. doug says :

    A “Right” that requires theft from someone else’s money -labor is not a right– it is stealing, with the point of a weapon

  5. Kenneth R. Hoover says :

    Cody, I hate to let you in on a secret but, The condition of our country at this time is the direct result of 545 people: 435 House members, 100 Senators, 1 President, and 9 Supreme Court Justices. If the tax code is complicated, it’s because they WANT it that way. If the debt is too high, it’s because they WANT it that way. And so on and so on. One man (or woman) can make all the promises they want during a campaign, but they cannot change anything on their own. We the People must begin the “revolution” you talk about starting at the local level. Anyone who actually thinks that a President can make any difference (without the aid of the other 544 people) is a complete nut case.

    This country is in the state that it is because we the people, even during a record turnout, only have a high of 60 – 70% voter turnout. Iraqs’ first election, under the threat of death, had a 98% turnout. Until we get fully and completely involved, we are doomed!!

    • Cody Gough says :

      We are in agreement, actually. Read my post again. I fully acknowledge that a revolution is necessary. You say start at the local level. I say, we’ve got a chance to start with the president. Why don’t we do both? Let’s fix this together!

    • Roger M. Galuska says :

      Kenneth, it’s not because THEY want it that way, it’s because we WANT it that way and LET THEM make it that way. We do vote, no? We can call our congressmen, no? We can vote them out if they do not follow our instructions. Somebody is keeping them there, last time I looked, it’s us.

  6. Ann says :

    Cody, Bernie is a old hippie and a career politician. Of course he is telling you what you want to hear. A utopia with no special interests. poverty or corporate
    Greed. Peace love and everything’s free.. I agree with what you said about
    Welfare, college costs are too high and the ACA should not be repealed. There are too many special interests but…

    It starts with you millennials. Are you willing to give up your rather cushiony lives for Bernie’s revolution. Not sure what the answer is but Bernie scares the hell out of me for the future of you millennials. Exactly what will be left after the revolution. Not sure and talk to you if im still around in 20 years.

    • Arturo Robles says :

      Where did you get the idea that because we want change, that we want a Utopia where everything is free? You are not even in the same century. Nobody wants anything free. We want change. Radical, meaningful, for the people change, and not this crap about billionaires running the show. Just because America is capitalist doesn’t mean that if you are indeed wealthy, you are free to influence the path of the people. Besides, the millennials are the inheritors of this country so butt out and go shop for your burial plot and your casket.

      • jqpongratz says :

        Nobody wants anything for free? All the posts I have seen supporting Bernie have been peppered with references to the free stuff he is promising. “People deserve free college” “We need the free healthcare”. For you to say nobody wants anything for free makes you either a liar or ignorant of the facts. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you are ignorant of the facts. As for the billionaires running the show, do you mean billionaires like George Soros who funds move on dot org, which supports Bernie? The man who is worth 5 times more than Trump? Don’t say Bernie wants to get rid of billionaires in politics until he distances himself from Soros. You said, ” Just because America is capitalist doesn’t mean that if you are indeed wealthy, you are free to influence the path of the people.” Actually it is not the money that makes them free to influence the path of the people, it is a little known thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Everyone is free to attempt to influence the path of the people.

        To sum up, you, Arturo, seem to be ignorant of the fact that people want free stuff. You seem to be ignorant of the fact that a billionaire is supporting Bernie’s campaign. And you seem to be ignorant of the constitutionally protected right of freedom of speech.

      • Benjyman says :

        You have severe mental problems my friend. Please seek professional help.

  7. dj says :

    Robert Reich had some great articles on Bernie Sanders. One describing it takes a movement (much like your “The worst reason not to vote for Bernie Sanders”) and the other responding to Bernie critics. The age thing is one that erks me. Age is like a halloween costume that you can’t take off. Inside you are the same. On Finding your Roots, one of the guests was Frank Gehry, a famous architect. He is 86, but he acted much younger, he’s still working and in demand. As long as you have someone to love, something to do (passion), something to look forward to…. (& you don’t get polluted by oil, gas, corrosive water, etc) age is but a number that other people can use to divide and conquer.

    Six Responses to Bernie Skeptics

    It Takes a Movement

    Bernie isn’t just a talk’n, he has shown who he is by his actions. He has always been for equality and justice (ie., marched w/Dr. King). See the interview he did with rapper killer mike. It’s @youtube or @huffingtonpost

    I think the point is, a lot of people do not have “cushiony lives”. foxbusiness.com wrote that there are more payday loans in the US than McDonalds. Those fortunate and have a conscience/empathy it is hard to watch our family, friends, neighbors, countrymen, communities in dire straits.
    The great retirement experiment will be hitting hard soon. There is a new program that will help folks on the left of the time line (myra.gov), but those on the right of the time line are going to be hurting. myra.gov is a government retirement savings acct whose main focus is to get folks to save early and not have fees eat up all their savings. When the savings hits 15k, it will be moved to the pvt sector. This is an awesome use of government for the people. I was always told when NAV increase WS will lower fees… didn’t happen. By the time one retirees, WS could have eaten 1/2 of your savings. Right now, retirees are trying to get the FBI to probe whether financial firms have siphon millions from state retirement funds in the dark. As they said in Trading Places, WS gets paid whether you do or not. Currently I think Bernie is the only one that cares. Clinton is in bed with WS. And God only knows what Bill is doing.

    See Frontline:Retirement Gamble.

    What is happening in Flint is unfathomable, and similar things are happening all over. No one really seems to care. Disposable people? Profits at any cost?
    Privatize profits, socialize costs. Where is the religious right’s outcry about these sort of things? When did the stock price, or the market itself, become the end all be all rather than the manifestation of underlying conditions?

    It matters what is happening to our fellow countrymen. It affects everyone’s quality of life.

    If we are going to head a particular direction we might as well just off the cliff and vote the extreme right and get it done with, but if there is some hope for our democracy, Bernie Sanders is currently our option. I hope he picks a great VP. Gore chose poorly. It would be interesting if Bloomberg jumps in.

  8. Milband61 says :

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. It’s not that simple, but it’s the truth. Who made all these CEOs so rich? We the consumers did. We bought their products, services, went to see their movies, concerts. Paid ridiculous amounts for tickets to their games, theme parks. It’s called capitalism. Want to change it? We are way past that point now. The only way to change it is to QUIT GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY!! Maybe publicly held companies should have a salary cap the way pro sports do. Everything over that cap goes back to the employees. But you know they’ll cook the books to prevent that. But that’s where to start. More taxes will just lead to higher unemployment. Corporations are famous for cutting payroll as the first way to save money. Same for $15 minimum wage. Look for more automation and less humans. Playing Robin Hood is not the answer. Real change has to come from hitting them where it hurts. More competition, less in their pockets. Empathy for the less fortunate should be supported by government, but should not be their job or purpose. Helping those become better citizens should. If the help comes with the caveat that effort and improvement must be shown, then fine. Otherwise it just leads to more of the same.

    • DaveMan50 says :

      Make the greedy pay their fair share. Dis-incorporate America.

      • jsturge says :

        When you say dis-incorporate America can you explain what you mean? I don’t think you really understand what a corporation is and why the mechanism exists in our economy.

        Under your dis-incorporated America how would investment in economic activity work?

        It amazes me that people throw around the term corporation as a synonym for evil organization and then claim to be educated and informed.

  9. nlgodd88 says :

    Cody, what percentage of a person’s income should they be “allowed” to keep?

    • Cody Gough says :

      You do realize that you’re required to pay insurance companies huge amounts of money for healthcare, right? And that you would be forced to pay LESS money if we switched to a single-payer healthcare system? Your argument is without any merit.

      • jsturge says :

        We have only been required to pay insurance companies for healthcare insurance with the implementation of the ACA. Prior to that it was voluntary.

        There is a legitimate argument as to the most cost effective ways to deliver healthcare. The beauty of a market system is people get to choose how, when, where, and to what degree they want to participate.

        But with a single payer system the choice goes away. Government bureaucrats decide for us. I don’t want to be forced to participate in a government program. But you say your way is the best way and you want to make sure the government forces everyone to do things your way.

        That is the path to tyranny.

      • Cody Gough says :

        “Voluntary” is a joke. Yes, health insurance was “voluntary” for people in perfect health. I was hospitalized once prior to the Affordable Care Act and my bills would have been over $15,000 without insurance. I had less than $2,000 in my bank account at the time. So yes, I could have opted out of “voluntary” healthy insurance and been forced into bankruptcy as a result. Do you not personally know anyone who is diabetic or deals with a chronic illness like Crohn’s or colitis? Health insurance sure as hell is not “voluntary” for those people if they want to survive every day. And the average American pays more for healthcare than any other country in the developed world. Please explain to me the “beauty” of a market system where the right to choose is an illusion and if you don’t pay Big Insurance, you end up risking bankruptcy or death.

      • Rick Conner says :

        Cody Gough says : 02/04/2016 at 12:52 pm
        You do realize that you’re required to pay insurance companies huge amounts of money for healthcare, right? And that you would be forced to pay LESS money if we switched to a single-payer healthcare system? Your argument is without any merit.

        What a way to not answer a question.

        Just exactly how much of a person’s money should they be allowed to keep?

      • Cody Gough says :

        I’m not going to answer a stupid question. The right question is “are my taxes paying for services that benefit me and my fellow Americans?” and right now the answer is no. Bernie proposes programs that would change that answer. I would hand over 90% of my earnings if it ensured better prosperity for Americans than it does now.

      • Marionumber1 says :

        “Just exactly how much of a person’s money should they be allowed to keep?”
        When it comes to the middle and working class, more than they keep currently. That’s exactly why a single-payer system would be beneficial. Stop focusing on taxes; if you end up saving money, higher taxes are not some affront to your freedom. Keep in mind that private insurance premiums serve the same purpose as single-payer taxes, just going to a private company instead of a government over which the people exert some control.

      • Raansu (@Raansu86) says :

        “The right question is ‘are my taxes paying for services that benefit me and my fellow Americans?'”

        The answer is, I don’t give a rats ass about you or my “fellow Americans.” You are responsible for your own life. I have no interest in paying more taxes so you can get free health care and college education and whatever nonsense Bernie wants to give away for free.

      • Marionumber1 says :

        Since you seem to be devoid of compassion, how about a more practical argument? Is it a good thing that we spend more on healthcare per-capita than other Western nations, due to a lack of negotiating leverage because the payers for healthcare are spread out across multiple corporations, government programs that can’t negotiate, and out-of-pocket payments? Single-payer lets us significantly cut the costs of healthcare, but I suppose it’s bad just because it’s not in the precious “free market”?

  10. Bill Hunter says :

    For the author of this story to brag about how great of a writer he is because he has gotten his crap read by a million people is like saying how great of a candidate Bernie Sanders is because he has millions of people who know how to read backing him! It just makes no sense! You basically are saying don’t expect a miracle, Bernie cant screw us up immediately, it will take him time. You idiot liberals may want to start thinking about trying to elect someone who has at least held a 9-5 job sometime in their life. I guess that leaves Hillary and she is a crook.

  11. Margaret Hartman says :

    That was nicely worded and how I feel exactly..

  12. Margaret Hartman says :

    That was well said and i agree.

  13. Henry Sheldon says :

    The common denominator in all the “corruption” that we have today is GOVERNMENT, ever bigger and more intrusive government. If anyone thinks that looking to government to make things better is the way to go, then they are simply not aware of the reality they are dealing with.
    The “big businesses” that seem to have so much power over our lives can only do that with the connivance of government assistance. Who does that? The 535 members of Congress when they pass special interest legislation.
    When we elect representatives to Congress that will represent OUR interests first and foremost instead of the interests of these “big businesses”, then we will see the corruption significantly reduced. That requires that the voters MUST do their homework and determine which candidate (in whatever election) is the most dedicated to the principles of small government, and personal freedom and liberty. We must also hold our elected officials accountable by monitoring their activities.
    As to Bernie, there is No Free Lunch, or Free Anything. Every time the word “FREE” comes out of his mouth, he is lying, just like HRC.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Bernie hasn’t said that anything is free. He has said that he will increase taxes to pay for single payer healthcare (thus saving Americans thousands of dollars on wasted insurance costs per year) and hat he will tax Wall Street in order to support tuition free public colleges and universities. He has explained exactly how he plans on paying for everything.

      • Katie Sarazin says :

        So many negative comments on this article, so I just wanted to give you a positive one! I think it is well written and I couldn’t have said it better myself! #feelthebern!

      • Cody Gough says :

        Thanks so much Katie! There are indeed quite a lot of negative comments here, so this was a really refreshing note. I really appreciate it 🙂

  14. Bill says :

    A sad day when Bernie Sanders a socialist is running for president. Our school system has gotten so bad and so full of liberal socialist teaching our kids this is how Bernie Sanders is looking good to young adults. If we taught our children real history in this country Bernie Sanders would not be running for president. And in fact four years ago you couldn’t talk about socialism without the left going crazy saying they werent socialist

    • Cody Gough says :

      Yeah, our schools are really bad with all those liberal teachers, like the ones who refuse to teach the theory of evolution or teach about the dangers of man-made climate change… oh wait sorry, I was thinking of conservatives teachers who are making our kids dumber and less capable of entering careers in science. My mistake.

  15. Cody Gough says :

    None of those numbers are accurate. Please provide a link to a source if you insist.

  16. Cookie Markey says :

    I am still one who is trying to learn all I can about those running in this election. I took one of those polls about “who do you stand with” and it turned out 85% Bernie. I understand that, and, being an empathetic person who is three times a Millenial’s age and a fiscal conservative but an extremely liberal thinker on the social issues side, it makes sense.

    But I have some issues that haven’t been addressed either by anyone here or by Bernie very much and that is…the world arena. My reservations for voting for Bernie rest squarely on this. I get that things move slowly and agree wholeheartedly with Cody that not much will get done but it’s the “spirit” and “zeitgeist” of the movement that will be important. BUT STILL…how will he handle world issues? They move at a moment’s notice and our security and world peaceful intentions rest squarely on the President’s shoulders. I know very little about his Foreign Policy views since his focus has been Domestic issues.

    Trump is bellowing all over the place (reminds me of Putin!) and making the SAME NOISES as Bernie that he is not a “bought man.” He has strong leadership skills, knows finance, is not intimated and yet I have horrible reservations about HIM too.

    Polarized as it seems, these two seem to be the only ones I am interested in and I can’t seem to get any relief from my insecurity through any media source. Anyone?

    • Nicole Burnett says :

      There’s a big difference between the two.

      Trump can’t be bought because he himself is a corporation.

      Sanders can’t be bought because of his strong moral fiber.

      Trump wants to build a giant wall (that Mexico would pay for) to keep out Mexicans, he wants to make all Muslim people were ID badges, and “Make America Greaf Again” by basically turning it into the Fourth Reicht.

      Sanders is far more accepting of immigrants and such. He is stern, but would definitely handle our international affairs with more grace than Trump.

    • Adam Nixon says :

      America is like Rome, always seeing every new neighbor as a threat. There is no existential threat to America and many of the world’s problems have come about due to one superpower or another’s meddling. What’s needed in times of crisis are cool heads, not leaders looking to make a name for themselves, boost poll numbers, or get in the history books.

  17. Nicole Burnett says :

    I have to say this article was very well written. I also see that it’s been plagued by people afraid of the word “socialism”. I do hope they realize the very big difference between “socialism” and “democratic socialism”, which is what Bernie is about. This isn’t about Marxist socialism, and anyone with the “every man for himself” mentality is entirely welcome to go off the grid and stop contributing in any meaningful way. America is already a socialist country. If you don’t like it, then don’t drive on our socialist highways, don’t take your kids to our socialist public school system, don’t use our socialist Internet, don’t call our socialist fire department or police departments when you have an emergency, don’t take your kids to a socialist state park, or to the socialist library or museum. Go back to living in a cave and worry about your taxes. Hoard them like Smaug. I’ll be over here, ensuring my fellow Americans are able to receive life-saving care they deserve, and getting the education they require so they can better deal with people like you. People that lack empathy toward their fellow man. People that are so okay with their own greed that they’d walk past someone in need in fear it may cost them something.

    BTW: Tax rates on corporations are less than they’ve been in generations. Back in the 20s, the corporate tax rate was at 90% to encourage growth. If a business expanded, it was considered tax deductible, hence incentivizing growth. I wouldn’t hate to see that. Repeal NAFTA and let’s do things the way they used to be done.

    Oh, and when the tax rate on corporations was at 90%, our economy was the best in the world. So don’t talk to me about “our tax rates on poor Big Business is so high, waaaah”. It’s not. The government is currently giving OUR tax money to these cry baby businesses because they don’t know how to properly run it.

    The end.

    -drops mic-

  18. Adam Nixon says :

    Hey Americans! Guess what…. There are other countries in the world, remember that!! There are lots of countries out there that have done exactly what Bernie’s talking about. Here’s the biggest thing for you to learn…

    You Have Been Lied To!!!

    Wanna know what socialism really is? Try this… I belong to the local farmer’s cooperative. That means I own a piece of it, and I get a slice of the pie once a year. Nothing big, but when I buy my gas and groceries there I’m putting money back into my own pocket.

    We used to have bees, so we were members of the honey co-op. That meant that we had a board, elected by us, who set prices for the group and got the best price for our honey. That meant nobody undercutting us for prices, and we never had to worry about finding buyers (ever try to sell a barrel of honey? How about 20?).

    The idea of a monolithic bureaucracy is nothing but cold-war era propaganda and has nothing to do with reality. Listen to the people who KNOW. Listen to the people who LIVE IT. Here’s one last thing I’m pretty sure you don’t know….

    You are twice as likely to be self-employed in Canada as in the US.

    That’s right. One in Six Canadians is self-employed or owns their own business. In America, only one in Twelve.

    • Cody Gough says :

      That is a crazy statistic. I’m going to look into that some more. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, very interesting and gives you something to think about!


    If in miracules way, Bernie does not move into The White House, we´ll find him a Castle here in Denmark – AND SUPPORT HIM WITH ALL OUR SOCIAL BENEFITS!!!

  20. sanculottist says :

    thanks for the comment on my blog, and if i was american, i would vote bernie sanders too, while also agreeing that electing him is like “pushing a snowball off the top of a mountain and seeing how far it will roll.”
    like the jon stewart quote. also found his interview with nicola sturgeon quite funny; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwPd_D3y3Pk

  21. Adam Smith says :

    Wtf is with the fake Stewart quote?

  22. Edmund1979 says :

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