I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic

Today I read for maybe the 10,000th time an assertion that supporters of Bernie Sanders are unrealistic, that Bernie Sanders supporters will all be disappointed if they elect him because he won’t be able to bring the change he’s promising, that Bernie Sanders’ policies will be “just another example of Democrats making promises they can’t keep,” and so on and so forth. And I’d like to briefly dispel a misconception about people who support Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States:

We’re not stupid.


I have a college education and a good job, and I’m guessing I’m not the only Sanders supporter who does. Now, this doesn’t necessarily make me smart, but it is at least an indicator of having achieved some level of learning that would indicate that I’m capable of coherent and independent thought.

And guess what? I don’t expect any of Bernie Sanders’ major proposals to take effect in the next 2, 3, or possibly even 4 years. I don’t support Bernie Sanders simply because I think he’ll magically overturn Citizens United, fix our indisputably broken campaign finance system, legalize marijuana, eliminate privately owned prisons, pass a single-payer healthcare system, crack down on Wall Street, or pass most of his other proposals within his first year of office.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret: I, like presumably most Americans who support Bernie Sanders, do not expect miracles.

What I do expect, by electing Bernie Sanders, is to have an honest president whom Americans can trust at all times to be completely sincere, and who will work as hard as he can to represent the interests of the American people. By electing Bernie Sanders, I expect that the leader of our country will actually represent me and not just major corporations who are cutting him big checks. And no, I don’t get the sense that Hillary Clinton possesses any of those qualities. Decidedly.

And you know what? Maybe the “political revolution” Bernie Sanders keeps talking about won’t happen. Maybe electing Bernie Sanders will put him in office for 4 years, nothing productive will happen, and once his term is over, we’ll be back to “politics as usual” and huge corporations like Comcast and pharmaceutical and insurance companies and huge financial institutions will go right back to doing whatever they want because hey, they run things and they have money, so who’s going to stop them, right?

But if Bernie Sanders is elected president, then maybe, just maybe, things will change. And that’s worth a vote. That’s worth trying.

(Not to mention: the Affordable Care Act was never “supposed” to make it, and remember what happened there? Also worth noting that Bernie Sanders helped write it. Implementation has been far from perfect, but he still got it passed.)

And if Bernie Sanders is elected president and this whole “political revolution” thing we all keep talking about actually does happen, then think of the possibilities. We are at a point in our history when we, as citizens this country, can legitimately make the United States of America the indisputable greatest country on earth. We have the rare opportunity to lead the world by example in showing what a government can do when it isn’t corrupt and solely focused on making a handful of individuals disproportionately wealthy.

THAT is what I’m voting for. I’m voting for the hope, the possibility, that things will change—realistically, over time. And electing Bernie Sanders will send a clear message—to corporations, to the media, to our current elected officials, and to anyone progressive who’s thinking about running for office but doesn’t believe in getting support—that enough is enough, and that it’s time to start listening to the public and not just to a board room full of campaign donors.

Electing Bernie Sanders is pushing a snowball off the top of a mountain and seeing how far it will roll.

So stop assuming that Bernie Sanders supporters are unrealistic or stupid, because we’re not. Call us hopeful, call us idealists, call us optimists, but don’t call us unrealistic or stupid. And stop underestimating us.

As a supporter of Bernie Sanders, I fully recognize that this whole “political revolution” thing is not a guarantee. But right now, the opportunity to start one is a whole lot more appealing to me than the status quo.


Learn more about where Bernie Sanders stands on the issues at http://feelthebern.org/


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632 responses to “I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not stupid or unrealistic”

  1. rob says :

    Hi. Love your points, agree with them, feel the same way. (BTW, there’s a typo in paragraph beginning “So stop assuming that Bernie Sanders supports are unrealistic…”

  2. upscaleman says :

    You’re stupid, unrealistic and a child by the look of your photo.

    • Alex Cacioppo says :

      Constructive comment.

    • classyguy says :


    • Cody Gough says :

      Thanks! I moisturize, which keeps my skin looking youthful and fresh. I recommend Neutrogena for horrible acne outbreaks, you should run upstairs and ask your mom to buy you some.

      • Keith says :

        I wish I could hit a LIKE button or something here.

      • prezmtdewcamacho says :

        Please edit “I’ve got” to “I have (a college degree). It looks kind of bad in a sentence talking about intellect and education 😉

      • Cody Gough says :

        True, but I like to write the way I talk, so sometimes a more casual vocabulary emerges. You’re completely right, but I’m not 100% sure I’ll change it. Definitely will consider though, especially given the context you mentioned. Thanks for pointing that it!

      • Marti Olsen says :

        Haha! Cody, you are awesome! I enjoyed your article. Thanks for posting.

      • Gayle Collier says :

        Love ya Cody! I am a huge fan of Brian!!

    • Stuart Johnson says :

      Well I’m 56, a grandfather, well read,and educated This article is spot on. Now, if you’d like to insult me, as you have the author of this article, I’d invite you to do it in person. Throwing insults like you have here (over the internet) are the actions of a coward, and show a severe lack of character.

      • Janis Ripple says :

        Well said, we are not dopes here either..I like is authenticity in is writing as well Happy to find A Happy Hopeful We Can Make A Difference Site😍🌺💗🙋🎆🌟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      • Ro says :

        Love it!!

      • Trudy says :

        Cody, I am 62, a Bernie fan and still a “hopeful” voter. Don’t let these people get you down. You are still young…keep your dream alive. Your writing was perfect. As a writer myself, I believe I see a lot of jealously in these remarks. Perhaps some envy your vision, or your craft. Either way, keep on writing, and keep on hoping. As they say, “Feel the Betn.”

      • Cody Gough says :

        Thank you so much for the comment Trudy, I’m honored! Very happy to hear your perspective, really appreciate it. I’ll continue to #FeelTheBern!

      • What.. says :

        Stuart, I see what you mean. Thanks for the post!

      • Jo Osmer says :

        Soon to be 73 and have come close to giving up hope on the kind of country my children and grandchildren will have to live with. Bernie may be our last chance to save our country so I will continue to donate to him monthly and fight like hell for him to win and at least start putting out country back on the right path.

    • Javrothe Monkey says :

      “upscaleman”! Making the Internet classy since 1999.

    • Jim says :

      An Internet Tough Guy opens the comments, poops on the floor and runs away…Can’t you find something constructive to do? Feel the Bern, or feel the burn…

    • Stephanie Rackley Vitt says :

      Upscaleman, I don’t see anything “upscale about your remark. Seems the pot is calling the kettle black.

    • Victor says :

      There are two kinds of republicans Girl: rich ones and stupid ones. Which kind are you?

  3. mstinpa says :

    What can the campaign / this movement do to find ways to keep the excitement about Bernie and his revolution going after November 8, 2016. If this excitement ebbs in the off year elections, as it has since the beginning of time, the revolution will be for naught as gerrymandered congressional districts will count on low voter turnout to sustain the status quo?

    • Stuart Johnson says :

      That’s a very good question. It is my fear that a Sanders defeat will signal to many that there is no hope and we are hopelessly locked into the trajectory we are suffering under. That’s why we have to keep the revolution alive regardless of the outcome of the election. Yes Bernie is leading the way, but it’s the average voters banding together that is the movement.

      • Terry Cannon says :

        You’re right Stuart. I would expect the same. Bernie always says that this is about us, not him. I fully expect that if elected, he will keep voters engaged and actively asking them to push him to do the things that need to be done… just as FDR did.

    • Janis Ripple says :

      I read his life story..a real struggle to find his place in the world…read several versions…he had a cabin dirt floor ,living with his first wife…but he is really not a hippie…like is a struggle if you don’t had pops $$$ Bernie had himself is curiously,determination,he was very poor..His first real job that earned enough to live was as Mayor…Read about how he choice good folks to transform Burlington into a livable community..and not Just the mega condo owners wanting a second home get away…
      Darn good tale..alike Abe Lincoln 💞🌹
      This guy can relate to a very wide range of citizens…Besides as he sees it ..It is about Us Citizens..Not Him…a visionary with a compassion.

  4. Caroline says :

    You just admitted that you are supporting Bernie because you *like* him better. You like the feeling he gives you. It so happens that I have almost opposite feelings. I consider Hillary to be warm and possess a genuine desire to help, while Bernie strikes me as an idealogue who would simply brush aside the concerns of anyone whose experiences conflicted with his ideals. It’s perfectly normal to make decisions based on the way candidates make us feel, but “Vote for Bernie because I like him better!” is not all that persuasive an argument to make to others.

    • Jesse says :

      “I consider Hillary to be warm and possess a genuine desire to help” This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Gimme a break. She is as cold as they come. What difference does it make?????

    • John Lefavour says :

      Caroline as one probably old enough to be your grandfather I would only suggest that you dig a little deeper into Hillaries record and then see if you think she is warm and has a genuine desire to help or if it’s you that likes her better

  5. Daniel says :

    Your desire to give Bernie Sanders the opportunity to execute his vision does actually indicate your stupidity. Not because Sanders would be unable to bring about the change he espouses, but because those are ideas are disastrous. Socialism is the single most deadly idea in human history and has led to more death and suffering than anything else. A socialist state is nothing less than the enslavement of society. There are two groups of people who benefit from socialism. The rulers, and people completely unable or unwilling to produce enough value to sustain their own existence.
    Maybe you believe you will rise to aid in enforcement of Socialist policy were it take hold, in which case you are not stupid, but amoral, selfish, and evil.
    This notion people have that their vote is a pathway to a prosperous life is utterly ridiculous and shameful.
    I am an idiot.

    • Marionumber1 says :

      Well, I suppose it’s a good thing Bernie Sanders isn’t a socialist, then. He’s a social democrat, who confusingly calls himself a democratic socialist. Social democracy is the successful economic policies we enjoyed in America from the 30s to the 80s, and that most European countries enjoy today.

      • Marionumber1 says :

        Did I deny that he calls himself a democratic socialist? All I said was that what he calls himself doesn’t make him one. It seems that the uninformed sheep who doesn’t understand economics is you, because democratic socialism and social democracy are different. Read these pages, then come back to me:

        Capitalism “saddled with substantial socialist restriction” is exactly what social democracy is, and exactly what Bernie Sanders proposes.

      • SuperChief says :

        Why not just let this aging hippie speak for himself? Surely he is old enough and has spent enough time in congress to be qualified to define himself without someone else translating. He says he is a socialist and I take him at his word, I also take note of all the ’60s trash of “freebies for everyone” “tax the rich” “cradle to grave care for all” and the all important frequent use of “revolution”! This is just a poorly produced rerun of the garbage that was presented in the ’60s and ’70s…stupid then and not even mildly amusing now.

      • Marionumber1 says :

        The name he calls himself is unimportant compared to the true name of his policies. If you actually knew what socialism was (social ownership of the means of production), you would know he isn’t socialist. Unfortunately, you don’t, so you’re stuck making ignorant comments here instead.

    • Paul Weinberg says :

      You state that socialism “has led to more death and suffering than anything else.” I am going to raise you the Permian–Triassic extinction event.

    • Ben says :

      I have a question for you. Do you believe that the UK is an evil socialist country with loads of death and suffering? Because what Bernie is proposing we have had here at many points through out of history since WW2. In America you seem to get your nickers in a twist anytime you hear the word socialism. You seem to have a selective memory and confuse communism with socialism. You seem to be unable to distinguish between the two and don’t seem capable of understanding that you can look at bits of it that do work and can make it work for America. Stop with your paranoia and start taking a realistic look at the world around you. Your current levels of inequality are unfair at best and barbaric at worse. Bernie isn’t talking about a totalitarian state but democratic socialism please learn the difference. Universal health care should be a right for every person on this planet!

      • Daniel says :

        Do you know how Lenin defined communism?

        “Socialism in a hurry”

        The only way to achieve equality of condition is through force. Socialism, communism, fascism are all the same doctrine.

        I believe the UK is beset by evil men in power who use socialist ideology to garner votes from the uninformed to remain in power. That doesn’t make the UK evil. Such a conflated question reveals your cynical approach to debate. You should be embarrassed to present such severe fallacy but I suspect your fancy yourself clever. I truly hope at some point you realize this folly. But your ignorance is so deeply rooted that you may choose to cling to it your whole life.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Your comment is vapid. Please read a book so you have something intelligent to offer rather than spite and condescension.

      • Daniel says :

        it’s not condescension it’s indignation and disappointment. If my comments are vapid then what is your response? Or is “read a book” meant to be taken literally. Which book will enlighten me? What precisely have I said that requires correction through learning?

        Your response is not a refutation but an unsupported claim that I am unqualified to argue. You are the one guilty of condescension. You have arrogantly refused to engage in debate because you do not consider me worthy of consideration.

        You have no obligation to respond to me but if you wish to defend yourself you ought to do it genuinely. Perhaps my argument was lost on you. It is simplified thusly

        You support Bernie sanders. Bernie sanders espouses socialism. Socialism is hilariously bad.

        The other commenters at least attempted to deny my logic, you simply attacked my credibility.

      • Cody Gough says :

        Because he doesn’t espouse socialism. He supports some socialist policies from a strictly economic perspective. Your arguments are not even based in reality. And there is nothing communist he wants to achieve. Drawing parallels like that are cherry picking and out of context.

      • Ryan McGrath says :

        Socialism in any form is unrealistic due to human nature. Socialism is ment to turn into communism, but usually will turn into a fascism.

      • Sean says :

        Daniel, you are trying to sound smarter then you are.

    • Jerry says :

      I think you’re talking about communism…which is not the same thing as socialism. If you can’t see the republican party and rampant, irresponsible, and reckless capitalism as amoral, selfish, and evil then you are truly misguided.

      • Ryan McGrath says :

        Capitalism is actually the best economic system to date. The problem came when capitalism became crony capitalism. Which are not the same. Now lets look at “social democrat” aka the new socialism because a name change changes the whole party…right. Socialism needs to happen before communism can come to be. Socialism needs a violent uprising to stamp out capitalism. Once this is done everywhere it is said that communism will make way as governments are not needed and will disappear. The problem with this is human nature, will take over and someone will take charge, usually by force, and then we have fascism.
        Ironically, people don’t study history, so they are willing to accept anything that sounds good. Oh, don’t worry its not as if Hitler promised the same things as Bernie. Wait…. free healthcare…free education…yeah Hitler did promise those. Then Bernie wants to raise minimum wage, which will lower jobs, and raise the prices of everything. Supply and demand, and price and quantity tell you this.
        Honestly what is wrong with a Republic its better than a Democracy?

      • Marionumber1 says :

        Ryan, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Social democracy is not socialism, and socialism is not communism. Let’s look at how they’re defined:
        social democracy – a political ideology that supports economic and social interventions to promote social justice within the framework of a capitalist economy
        socialism – a political ideology and movement which has proposed a set of social and economic measures, policies and systems characterized by social ownership and democratic control of the means of production
        communism – a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state.

        Onto the rest of your post. The idea that Bernie’s proposals are bad just because Hitler did them is a fallacy, so that point is worthless. Prices of goods may rise, but not by a significant amount, and your claim that jobs will be lost assumes that workers having more disposable income won’t generate demand and create more jobs, which is a pretty weak assumption.

      • Geoff says :

        Socialism is bad, huh? Guess you should stay away from that socialist library in your neighborhood. Also, police and fire are socialism. Better not call them if you are being mugged or your house is in fire. Public schools, socialist. Oh, and there is that BIG thing in the US that we all love and support, and that’s the sicialist ARMED FORCES. Guess communism is next.

    • Jg says :

      Absolutely agree with this comment.
      The same fools who elected Obama because they wanted “change” are somehow both convinced that Obama has fixed everything and that nothing has changed at all….yet they want to buy into more “change” and “hope”.
      Pointing out that Bernie was a designer of the ACA is also not such a great thing either-it’s been a disaster.
      It’s time to stop pointing at businesses as “boogeymen” who want to control everything and start to appreciate that yes these companies have an interest in trying to shape national policy in regards to their industries as it effects their employees,their stockholders and their financial future.

      The difference between Socialism/Communism and Fascism is just in who they each blame for societies problems and in how they control private industry – otherwise they are just different sides of the same worn out, worthless coin.

      • Marionumber1 says :

        Most of us believe that Obama has fixed some things, but under-served in other areas. The ACA had some good elements (pre-existing condition protection, Medicaid expansion, community health centers), but also fell short in actually providing universal healthcare. Some Wall Street reform got passed, but the reform has been watered down and not enforced aggressively enough. We have achieved many progressive changes, but think it needs to be taken farther.

        As for the ACA, Bernie Sanders was mainly just behind the community health centers provision, and his final vote on the bill was far from assured.

        It’s no secret that corporations have an interest in shaping national policy, but our concern is that their interests don’t represent the general public’s interests, and their voices are unfairly louder than the rest of the people’s. A corporation’s purpose is to maximize profits, which would lead to skimping on product safety, worker’s rights, and environmental protection without government regulations.
        Furthermore, our campaign finance system gives those with more money a greater voice, allowing them to dominate the political process. There are studies showing that Congress primarily listens to the top 10% of income earners. Our government was not meant to be run by the wealthy and corporations.

      • Ryan McGrath says :

        Agreed, cause when has free education aka indoctrination, and free healthcare aka we decide if your worth keeping alive, helped any type of freedom.

    • Jacob Woodford says :

      “Socialism is the single most destructive blah blah”

      Now, I’m not a socialist, but be realistic now.

      You, as an American, have been living in a Democratic Socialist nation since FDR.

    • gary says :

      You ARE an idiot. And a very arrogant one at that.

    • afalke says :

      Daniel: Since I have read the point you are making so many times, and since I am getting very tired of it, because it really is based on ignorance, allow me to respond with a lengthy reply:

      First, the socialism Sanders is endorsing is of a completely different type than the socialism that has been disastrous historically. The democratic socialism he is endorsing is in fact implemented in most developed countries and works reasonably well there.You are thus guilty of the fallacy of ambiguity here because you take disastrous effects of one type of system and use it to predict the effects of an entirely different system (not to mention the suggested slippery slope fallacy in addition to that). That is a sure sign of unclear thinking.

      Second, countries that have adopted something reasonably close to what Sanders demands tend to fair pretty well and significantly better than the US, at least for a larger percentage of their population than in the US. This does not mean that democratic socialism does not have its problems or that those countries don’t struggle. Germany has its problems with its pension system, several countries struggle with health care reform, etc. But usually the problems have to do with the particular way in which the policies are implemented rather than with the general idea. Still, overall they work and that fact shows that Sanders is not entirely unrealistic. Interestingly, the countries with the highest tax rates tend to fair best by comparison to the other countries. By best, I don’t mean that they have the highest GDP or such, but that they have a very high standard of living, high education levels, etc. There is more to be said about what works why in which particular country and whether what works there would also work in the US (in some cases there are good reasons for thinking that they would not), but the overall evidence supports Sanders more than any other candidate. (On a side note: the US economy would collapse without heavy state support by way of subsidies and such. Why is that type of state support ok then, but not the support of the many? Strangely, I rarely here GOP candidates complain about the actual socialism for the rich in this country.)

      Third, most experts on social policies, economics, etc. actually agree with much of what Sanders says. By experts, I mean people with an actual academic standing, the leaders in their fields, not some Fox-news pseudo-expert or outliers or politicians that run party-line. Of course those experts don’t agree on everything he says, and of course there is legitimate criticism on particular suggestions, but when you look at the overall set of policy changes he proposes, no other candidate is as widely backed up by experts than he is, not even close. Because of that, I wonder what you are basing your predictions on. If you play the “all-academics-are-stupid-liberals card,” be my guest. But then you would enter conspiracy territory, for hardly any international academic has a stake in who becomes the next US president and most are likely not influenced by American politics and labels.

      Fourth, regarding stupidity: I hate to disappoint you. I am fortunate enough to know a good number of extremely bright people, people that are not merely college-educated–which in this country indeed does not mean anything, for it roughly compares to high-school education in most other developed countries–, but people with off-the-chart IQs, people that are highly regarded experts in their disciplines and fields, etc., and not a single one of them would even dream to consider anything like the GOP madness, while most of them side with Sanders rather than Hilary. Not necessarily because they agree with everything he says, there is lots to be criticized, but simply because no other overall package is even remotely as reasonable. I have not met yet a single certifiably intelligent person (not just felt intelligent) that would support Cruz or Trump.

      Long story, short: criticizing Sanders is fine, but spare us the generic claims about socialism that merely indicate that you don’t understand what democratic socialism is.

    • Andor says :

      Daniel, when you say “Socialism is the single most deadly idea in human history”, it makes me curious on your view on Canada and a lot of countries in Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, France Ireland Germany for example), practicing what Bernie Sanders stands for.
      So, what is your view on these countries – failure, success or something else?
      I’m honestly interested in a meaningful debate, but need to understand from where you are coming with your statement about the “…most deadly idea…”. Otherwise we will just end up discussing different things.

    • Terry Cannon says :

      You’re confused about a word Daniel. Democratic socialism is what built the middle class in this country under FDR/Truman/Eisenhower. It’s the system by which we extended the electrical grid to rural areas all over the country, including the poverty-stricken south. It’s the system that built the trans-continental railroad under Lincoln, the Hoover Dam under FDR and interstate highway system under Eisenhower. It’s the system that landed a man on the moon. It is the system that built the middle class in the USA and made us the envy of the world. Then Reagan came along and introduced economic policies that stole from working people and transferred that money to the very wealthy. Since that time we have watched the middle class shrink and the ranks of the working poor return to what we had in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

      We need to rebuild the middle class and Bernie is the only politician running for president that even understands what needs to be done, let alone has a desire to push for it.

      And why is it so unrealistic in your view that people should be able to vote for a system that will make them more prosperous when we are currently watching the entire system being bought by the wealthy that have rigged the system to make themselves wealthier?

  6. jimorlin says :

    When I was 18 years old, I supported McGovern for the Democratic nomination and for President in 1972. I didn’t think I was being stupid either. It’s a good feeling to support a candidate who is intellectually honest.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t feel so good when Nixon won by the largest landslide in history.

    • Jim says :

      Trump, Cruz, and Rubio ≠ Nixon…

    • Terry Cannon says :

      But Nixon won dishonestly. He disrupted the peace talks. Had he not done that, we likely would have had a cease fire in Vietnam under Johnson and the Democrats would have won.

  7. shockwaver says :

    I am a conservative. I give Sanders credit for some of his proposals like breaking up the big banks. I dislike crony capitalism in all forms including, for instance, alternative energy subsidies. But I am genuinely concerned that ever larger government spending will suck the life out of our prosperity. Most people (even Obama) have acknowledged that higher taxes and spending slow economic growth. In addition, giving things to people leads to lack of motivation.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Definitely valid points, and I respect your point of view. Hopefully our government can work one way or another to come together and solve some of these issues, rather than push for polarizing policies. I know some of Bernie’s ideas seem to lean “heavily left” but from my understanding, a lot of the issues he brings up are issues that the majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle want addressed. Here’s hoping they are worked on by all of our representatives!

    • Hugh Manatee says :

      What prosperity are you referring to? The joblessness? The record number of homeless? The record numbers on food stamps? The trillions of national debt?
      Are you in the armaments industry?

      • Shockwaver says :

        GDP per person worldwide is $12.5k per year. GDP per person in the US is $54k per year. eLiminating countries who,s GDP comes almost exclusively from oil: Qatar, Norway, etc., the US is 3rd worldwide behind Switzerland and Singapore. That is the prosperity I am talking about.

      • Marionumber1 says :

        A growing economy is not a good thing when:
        1. We go through periods of unsustainability high growth followed by severe crashes
        2. The growth is not actually benefiting most people
        Bernie Sanders’ plans are meant to ensure that growth does not end up tanking the economy, and actually benefits the people, while creating the conditions necessarily for a healthy consumer economy.

    • Brent says :

      I couldn’t agree more. Raising taxes (on everyone which he has admitted) will do no one any good except those who don’t work, They’re high enough already and is crushing the middle class. Democrats are all about high taxes and taking care of us, but it’s obvious that they can’t balance their spending. Taking care of illegals more than it’s own citizens. Taking 70% or more from the rich will only force them to leave and then what? I could never understand the obsession to penalize the successful. I do agree, they do need to pay more of their share and eliminate all the loopholes though, but taking more than half their earnings is not right. Hell, I’d leave too if I was rich. Businesses will close, especially small. Raising minimum wages then raising taxes makes absolutely no sense. I personally want Gov. out of my life as much as possible. I want to choose my health care. Free college, who’s paying for those that already have hefty college debt (like me) and higher taxes makes it more impossible for those that are already committed. You want free college, go earn it and serve in the military like others have. That’s the problem nowadays, young people are lazy and want everything for free. Guess I was raised that if you want something, you work hard to get it. Further socialism, democrat socialism, whatever you want to call it will bury us as a nation. That’s just my 2 cents. I just wish Bernie supporters would just sit back and think of the consequences of his ideas. .

      • Wendy says :

        I don’t think people expect the rich to pay more than their fair share. The problem is that they have found loopholes that enable them to pay a lot less than their share. We are asking for equality; that they pay the same as small businesses and indiviiduals. Imagine what could be done with that money – balance the budget, reduce the burden on the middle class, stimulate the economy and rebuild our transportation infrastructure. Even Bill Gates recognizes that Microsoft does not pay its share of taxes and he said he thinks big business should. Why do conservatives have such a problem with equality?

      • David says :

        Now see, this is why issues like this are tricky, because I consider myself pretty educated and I don’t understand why people like you don’t stop and think about how capitalism works and why it’s unsustainable in the same way you look at me and think I’m not understanding the consequences of Bernie’s ideas. I understand the consequences, I just happen to not believe any of the ones you listed are actually the reality based on everything that I’ve read and learned.

        Capitalism takes money from the bottom up. The workers in the fields and the factories turning time and labor into product to sell on the market. The system is by its very nature incentivized to pay them as little as possible. Whoever owns the factories where goods are made gets to put 100% of the profits in their pocket because the law allows them to. The workers are just an expense, and businesses are always looking to reduce expenses and maximize profits.

        Completely inadequate inheritance tax and loopholes means when these rich owners die, their kids get most of their fortune and continue to run these companies, investing, buying more stuff up, and adding to this personal fortune. The more money they have, the more they can invest, the more factories they can buy, the faster they can generate more wealth. It continues infinitely and exponentially and the majority winds up sitting in their bank account, so it doesn’t circulate in the economy. Eventually we get to a point where too high a percentage of the national wealth is locked up in these massively rich and powerful corporate families and there’s not enough to go around for the “workers” and then there’s nobody around who can afford to buy the products that the rich need to sell in order to keep getting richer. After all no matter how rich you are, you’re only going to need one microwave, smart phone, etc. When that happens, the whole system collapses. You can’t have capitalism with nobody to buy products.

        That’s why capitalism is always talking about growth. It needs constant, ridiculously unrealistic levels of growth to remain stable. It’s not a sustainable system over time.

        What’s the answer to that? I don’t think anybody really knows yet. Socialism? Maybe, but true socialism actually hasn’t been tried yet as far as I’m aware. State run capitalism has masqueraded as socialism. Communism has evolved out of socialism. True socialism, though, has yet to make an appearance, so who can say? Is the answer a capitalist system with strong socialist policies to prevent (or at least greatly slow) the cross-generational accumulation of wealth and power? If we look at what countries have the most well-off citizens right now, this is definitely the case. Who knows if those systems are sustainable though, or just longer-lasting before collapse.

      • Thomas says :

        Brent, you make me feel like you’d do a good job as President so I think that’s worth a vote. But I don’t have a fancy 4 year degree so I am incapable of thinking for myself. However, I do have about 200 college credits (mostly vocational) and an Associates degree with zero college debt.

        I agree with the gov. getting out of my life. Sure, some things could be improved but I am leary of handouts being the best method. I think we’re capable of making better decisions for ourselves than big government.

      • Kevin says :

        Two things. First the amount of money that is currently spent on grants and government subsidies to pay for people to college is almost the exact same amount as it would cost to pay for what Bernie is talking about implementing. The cost increase for the country for the policy he is suggesting would be nil. Second most of the greatest times of growth in this country came when the wealthy paid much higher tax rates than they do now. We didn’t see a large exodus of people during those times.

      • ImpossibleSum says :

        My husband did serve in the military and still came out with $130K in debt and is not making more than $17 an hour. Tell me again how he didn’t work hard again? Tell me again how he is lazy and wants everything for free? College debt is a huge crisis and Bernie does have plans to retroactively ease the burden, and possibly eventually wipe the slate clean. No one should come out of school with the amount of debt my family is drowning under. College educations are disproportionately worth less than the wages received when done. My husband got a masters degree in a valid field, but wages are not keeping up with inflation or the cost of education. And the fact that we can’t refinance or declare bankruptcy is also garbage. The consequences of Bernie’s ideas are worth more than your “2 cents.” We could as a nation move forward. And maybe, my family is already screwed with our debt, but at least our children, or your children (f you have any) or my neighbor’s children won’t be saddled with that kind of debt. You know, because I’m not a bitter prick who is upset that because I have debt, everyone should have debt or be forced to sign up to die in a war to avoid it. That’s ridiculous.

    • Edward Astor says :

      So does not giving them things (like an adequate wage) and that builds on a lack of motivation to create resentment, despair and ends with a “what have I got to lose” mindset that ushers in all sorts of mayhem. Just look at the news if you don’t believe me.

    • Terry Cannon says :

      Bernie isn’t “giving free stuff” to anyone. What his proposals do is to give working people a better chance at working their way into the middle class.

      If rewarding people with better pay for their hard work leads to lack of motivation, why do we keep rewarding the wealthiest among us with greater and greater tax breaks and subsidies even though this has failed in creating more jobs? It has never worked and never will. We need to go back to what did work – The democratic socialism that built the middle class in the USA between 1930-1980.

  8. Larry Wohlgemuth says :

    As I remember there were many people who said the same about George McGovern.

  9. Richard says :

    Jimmy Carter was an honest and sincere man also and he gave us the Iranina Hostage Crisis and inflation that resulted in 20% mortgage rates. A president cannot pass laws without congress supporting him and they won’t. His 4 years would be a waste of time, but he probably would go along with republicans and get rid of the affordable care act without any replacement. If his programs did go through, but they won’t, the dollars would collapse and we would be headed for a dictatorship as every other country in history that has had too much debt. I’m sorry…I may respect your opinion, but my experience tells me it’s a fantasy.

    • Brian V says :

      your memory may be failing you, it was under Reagan that the 20% mortgage rates happened, not Carter, and the hostage crisis was a result of Carter leaning on the Shah of Iran to begin to reform his govt to give people more democratic rights, rather than continue to support his dictatorship, Russia backed the fundamentalist radical muslims, and the coup that followed was what caused the hostage crisis. 50 years of supporting a brutal dictator is what caused the hostage crisis, and it was George Bush, who negotiated with the Iranians to keep the hostages until after the election, so that Reagan could win easier. The oil companies artificially raised the price of gasoline to help Reagan also. Then the Reagan administration sold weapons and spare parts to the new Iranian govt. and took the profits and ran drugs from central america to the US, (Noriega) and funded the Contras in Nicaragua to overthrow a stable social democracy in central America which has never recovered economically, or politically from that DEMOCRATIC revolution. Just ask Ollie North on fox lies what happened. He was pardoned by Reagan for doing all the dirty work. Amazing how short conservative memories are, how they forget about Nixon sabotaging the peace talks in Vietnam to further his political aspirations, how many died because of his ambition, and the Bushes wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, how many died so military contractors could get rich? How about Cheney’s no bid Haliburton contracts? what I can’t hear you, I’m too stupid to remember these things because I think that basic human rights should include not only socialized Police, Fire, Education, Roads, Water, Communications, CDC, etc… but also Health Care. Oh and god forbid a corporation pay taxes or a living wage to its employees, that’s just communism, nazism, racism, evil, and immoral. To think that we have a responsibility as a nation to help others, and do our fair share to ease suffering, and help the poor and less fortunate. Isn’t that what Jesus told us to do? and Buddha, and Dr. Seusse, and Big Bird, and Popeye, and every good example we ever had the privilege to learn from. But no I’m just stupid because I have a memory.

      • Bryon says :

        You are amazing

      • Stephanie Rackley Vitt says :

        Brian V.-
        Standing O!

      • Lynne Baron Goodwin says :

        Brian V – I have stood up behind my keyboard and applauded you, sir. Thank you!

      • Fixitdad says :

        I do believe you will believe what you want to believe and remember. I have yet to see any hard facts or dates – and a lot of assumptions as to why capitalism is worse for individuals than socialism. Personally, I would rather not have a centralized government plan our economy – since in the history of humanity this has never ever worked simply because of the sins of humankind always corrupt it. At least Capitalism has built in checks and balances from supply and demand. The problem with socialism is it stops working when you run out of other people’s money.

    • jasonsmom285 says :

      If you want to see debt, vote Republican. They can’t wait to get into another war. Corporations make out big during war time. And the cost to this country is about a billion a day. (I remember that quoted the last time we had soldiers fighting over there).

  10. denisdee says :

    Bernie has no new idea’s. They have already been tried in Venezuela. No please do not toss out Sweden or Denmark. They are 91% White and middle class by Euro standards. Offering free shit is easy. Being creative is not. Bernie never ran a lemonade stand.

    • Cody Gough says :

      I didn’t know that running lemonade stands was a prerequisite to becoming president… Quickly, someone find out if Hillary or Trump have ever run a lemonade stand, they may not be eligible to run for president!!

      • John Hughes says :

        If you attack banks, oil, and Pharma….do you think they do better or worse?…if you tax people more, do they have more or less money to spend?…If you saw this going on would you spend or hold back on spending?

      • Marionumber1 says :

        There’s a difference between doing worse and doing badly. When banks, oil, and pharmaceutical countries make huge profits at the expense of consumers, they deserve to be attacked and deserve to make less. And if you tax people more, but use that to save them money on private health insurance, they have more money to spend. Glad to answer any more questions.

  11. J Emily Peabody says :

    I love Bernie, he is really our only hope. God save the Bern

  12. EatSleepDrey says :

    My problem is that this author proposes Bernie as an experiment to potentially WASTE four valuable years of presidency on a man who MIGHT spark a change for the future. All because he has good ideas.
    The Oval Office is not a place for somebody who could POSSIBLY work out. It’s for a citizen who is willing and capable to give America what it needs, not what it asks for. Free this and free that, NOTHING used by the general public is free.
    What interestingly missing is any depth on his lack of a foreign policy. Understandable, it takes a sense of maturity to view the world outside of your own viewpoint; something this author does not possess. Yes you have a college degree and by many means are a successful individual according to societal standards. Unfortunately, you fail to see the current climate of world affairs and Americas role in it.
    A president that is focused on placating his citizens will be fodder for the parts of the world that are focused on American failure.
    Our budget can’t handle fiscally irresponsible experiments because not everyone is wealthy.

    • Marionumber1 says :

      It’s not free stuff meant to placate the citizens, it’s a return to the sound economic policy we had from the 30s to the 80s. Paying workers a living wage so that they can put money back into the economy, forcing the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share in taxes rather than avoiding them with tax loopholes, regulating banks, rebuilding our infrastructure, ensuring people can get an education, and providing healthcare in a way that cuts costs are all good economic policy. Nor are they untested risks, since we had many of them and other countries still have them today.

      I’m also wondering why you think he has a lack of depth on foreign policy. Is it because he doesn’t want to get us involved in useless and risky wars, and would rather focus on our problems at home? There’s such a focus on how danger we face from foreign threats, but the truth is that we managed to create most of them through our own reckless adventures. Whenever we get involved with conflicts in other nations, it tends to destabilize the region and make things worse. Bernie Sanders recognizes this and wants to stay out as much as possible.

    • Cody Gough says :

      You know what other idea was radical at its time? Abolishing slavery. Good ideas are worth fighting for.

      • Poul says :

        Cody, as a Scandinavian socio-liberal, I’m much in favour of BS’ and your points of view. I think it would be clever of you to make very clear to the US American public that what you aim at is a path that will ask the entire population to step up and be ready to pay their taxes with a smile, in brief to show a much better moral than the one shown right now. Benefits on long terms will be a dramatic decrease in poverty and criminality. When you’ve reached those goals, you can start talking about having a great nation, as it is now, the US is a joke on many points (and this being said from a rather US-positive European). Another worry is -as others have mentioned above – if BS will be able to beat Trump? I’m sure Hillary can, I fear BS would have a weak position…. and before I forget it, yes, we have our own stuff to deal with, e.g. taking jewelry from fugitives – but overall I think democratic socialism is worth fighting for – and I guess max. 2% of the population around here would ask for a revolution

  13. Steve says :

    You’re getting a little ahead of yourself. You don’t seem to consider that Bernie Sanders could quite possibly lose against a candidate like Trump. So, if you had to choose, would you pick Trump or Hillary?

    That’s why I wouldn’t try to sway public opinion so that Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. It’s irresponsible as a liberal, because even if Hillary is more of the same (and I do believe Hillary’s presidency would be much like Barack’s), she’s better than the risk of one of our current batch of republican potentials becoming president. And by the way, Hillary was pushing for legislation like the ACA back when she was first lady.

    • Marionumber1 says :

      Polls have often shown that Bernie Sanders does better against Republicans than Hillary Clinton in a general election scenario, so I don’t think it’s accurate to think that Clinton has a better chance than Sanders. In fact, the Republicans can probably motivate their base to get out and vote just by virtue of the hatred for Hillary that they’ve built up over the past couple decades. Is that fair to her? No, but it’s certainly a real risk. There’s also the fact that Hillary does not inspire the same enthusiasm that Bernie does, nor does she have the same ability to attract independents and conservatives. I think that Bernie might actually have a better chance in a general election for these reasons.

    • dickb says :

      Have you seen the polls pitting the potential Republican candidates against Bernie? He mostly does better than Hillary and beats them all. So, I wouldn’t use Hillary’s electability against Republicans as a reason not to vote for Bernie.

  14. Laurel says :

    Stunning assessment of our sanity. Wish I could vote today. Thank you.

  15. dj says :

    Read your article @HP.

    Also enjoyed @HP, interview at Killer Mike’s Atlanta Barber Shop w/Bernie.

  16. John says :

    “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism—by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

    • Cody Gough says :

      Spoken like a true person who doesn’t understand the actual difference and is good at Google searching for quippy quotes that don’t actually men anything.

  17. Carol Kemp says :

    Interesting article on an American who lived in Norway, a socialist democracy. Many Americans think we’re number one in everything. They have no idea how far down the scale we are in health care, children in poverty, opportunity, college education, pay, etc.


  18. Bob Coulton says :

    The goal of socialism is communism.
    – V. Lenin

  19. Chris says :

    Its funny and revealing how everytime someone has an intelligent point that disagrees with Cody, he replies with a snide insult. That doesn’t make you seem smart dude. Not seeing things from other points of view is a huge problem in politics right now of which you are also guilty.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Incorrect. I reply with snide remarks whenever someone is being an asshole, which sadly seems common in these comments. Check my Twitter history and you’ll see me engaging with multiple people in which I concede several points to them. I go so far as to watch Republican debates to keep an open mind, not even writing them off as potential candidates for whom I may vote. I see multiple points of view but don’t value arguments that insist on name calling, and nearly every “differing point of view” here seems to insist on calling me stupid or naïve or using a straw man argument (or both).

  20. Arch says :

    I play Bernie is nominated by the corrupt democrats..he will carry Vermont and DC. Then maybe will can get the country back on its feet….

  21. Steve says :

    Ad hominem attacks are so puerile. That is the problem with American politics.

    Also let’s remember Founders were rich white landowners who only represented minority. Most colonials were pro-Britain.
    Let’s also remember they were slaveowners, racist, elitist men. But that doesn’t diminish what they did for founding of this nation. Similarly we should not dismiss BS and his message for his socialist democratic or whatever his views on governance.

    That being said, all forms of government seek sustainability because citizenry will overthrow all that seem ineffectual or counter-productive.

    By voting we as citizens perpetuate the farce that we have for government. Only when all citizens refuse to partake in the validation process and trivialize Washington will meaningful change take place.

    Otherwise stop fooling yourselves. Nothing other than the name on the mailbox at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave will change.

  22. Simeon says :

    The issue is that leaning towards hope isn’t a bad thing. But in the economical state of debt the U.S. Is currently in, Bernies ideas simply cannot work. Unless we want the credit rating to completely die. Make the dollar worth less than it already is. Too many people are defaulting on their college loans. Another crash is in the makings. So with all these issues currently lingering. Bernie is a amazing candidate, but just I’ll timed.

    And before everyone goes off and says “I bet you support trump” no. I don’t and I don’t support Hillary (worst lier) in the world either. I would love to get behind the Bernie cause, but the amount of economical stress his ideas put on the U.S. as of right now. Are a recipie for complete failure

  23. Loren K. Roberts says :

    Cody, thank you for your words. If, for no other reason, “birds of a feather, etc”. Made it about 3/4’s of the way thru the comments and gave up. Just another “pissing contest”. People who only want to hear words that resonate with them and they have to be said exactly as “they” would say them and otherwise incapable of having a “conversation”.
    Hang in there!

  24. catglass says :

    Thank you, Cody Gough, for a wonderful article. It expresses why I am supporting Bernie Sanders beautifully, and will inspire a lot of undecided voters to “feel the Bern”.

  25. Jimmy Oddo says :

    Thanks for the courage to speak out “…for the people…”, as this is a rally “…of and by the people…”! We certainly do need to take back our government with the election of people who honestly represent the masses, and we, each as individuals, must culturally reverse the hate and resentment of politics today, pay our share of taxes to promote these ideals, and live together in a society where all people have the opportunity for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”! It all starts by taking a good hard look at that person we see in the mirror.

  26. Z says :

    I agree with some but not all of your points. However, there are a few of Bernie’s campaign “promises” that I am just adamantly against. For instance, paying fast food workers $15/hour is just not acceptable. Not only will that inflate things to an already ridiculous price point (that $5 happy meal will now be $25 to cover the cost of business expenses, labor and include profit for the corporation-because like it or not that is why people go into business is to make a profit) but I shouldn’t have to support your kids because you chose to spend your time partying and getting laid (and not using protection) instead of using the time to educate and improve your life and get a better paying job and then CHOOSING to have kids when you were able to support such a decision.

    Additionally for those of you who obviously fall into my example above here is a little grammar lesson for you:

    “Your” is a possessive adjective indicating that something belongs to you. (your car, your house, your wallet)

    “You’re” is a contraction of the words YOU ARE. Examples being You’re in America (you are in America) or You’re an idiot (you are an idiot). Please re-read your sentence and if you can’t expand “you’re” into “you are” then the correct grammatical use would be “your.”

    Also, I noticed several grammatical mistakes of the words “their, there and they’re” in some of the responses above.

    “Their” (like your) is a possessive; their belongings, their political party, their rights. A good trick to indicate if this is the correct use is to replace “their” with “our” and if it makes sense then you have found the correct word.

    “They’re” is also a contraction of the words they are, (see above example of “you’re”) They’re going out for the evening becomes they are going out for the evening.

    There indicates a place; either a physical place such as over there, we’re going there too, or I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle but I heard it rains a lot there; or the existence of something for example, there are multiple idiots in this room.

  27. Frank says :

    Person responsibility is the issue!!
    Stop looking to politicians for help. Solve your own problems
    Problem 1. ” I can’t afford health care for me and my family”
    Solution…Don’t have a family before you can afford one!!!!!! Why aren’t people held accountable for bad life choices??

    Problem 2. “Corporate American has all the money!”
    Solution…go work for corporate America. If you did poorly in school or lack ambition, why is that anyone else’s fault?? If your job doesn’t pay enough, work more hours, seek out training or education, get a second job.

    Problem 3. “Pharmaceutical companies control America”.
    Solution…don’t need the drugs? Ask yourself honestly, do you live a healthy lifestyle? Do you smoke, drink, exercise regularly, eat right? The vast majority out there (if honest) will say no. YOU LET THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES CONTROL AMERICA BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO SELF CONTROL!!!

    I know everyone out there knows someone that is a victim of circumstance, and have terrible things happen to them. Those folks deserve assistance. If you want to be honest, the VAST MAJORITY of people could prevent or fix there problems if they made better choices in life!!!

  28. Jonathan Porter says :

    Anyone who supports Bernie sanders is someone who refuses to learn from history. Everything is there for you discover but your unwillingness to accept socialism’s failure in every country it has been attempted is incomprehensible. By voting for Bernie you are voting for a system that has killed over 136 million people via state sponsored murder. No for voting for Bernie and unwilling to accept reality you are more then stupid and unrealistic you are cheering for evil.

    • Marionumber1 says :

      Unfortunately, your statement is based on the assumption that Bernie Sanders proposes socialism. That is false. He proposes social democracy.

      • Joe Blow says :

        Same thing. You’re just being disingenuous. Its like Obama calling his executive orders “executive actions” instead so he claim he doesn’t make many executive orders. Its dishonest and stupid. Stop it.

      • Cody Gough says :

        You can stop wasting your time—I’m deleting and marking all your comments as spam because you’re being a jerk. None of your arguments are intelligent or have any substance, you’re basically just saying “you’re dumb and stupid and embarrassing.” Stop wasting your time. This country is literally worse because of people like you. If people focused on sharing ideas instead of spewing hate, then the world would be a better place. You are the worst kind of person and there is no place for you in this comment section if you have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Big history buff huh? So I guess there’s no difference between totalitarian socialism and democratic socialism? Oh wait I forgot, you don’t actually have any idea what you’re talking about. Please refrain from leaving a stupid comment if it’s completely uninformed.

  29. Sergio says :

    This piece was quite comical. It’s a self professed piece of evidence in the case against sanders supporters.
    Basic economics prove why his “fresh ideas” aka socialist hogwash, never work.
    You cannot legislate people out of poverty.
    To give to the poor you must TAKE from the working class.
    You then create enough of these gimme gimme gimme people that those who are taken from take their toys to play elsewhere.
    The constitution does not guarantee equal outcomes for all citizens. Merely an equal right to pursue whatever you call happiness.
    Chastising those who are successful and burdening them with additional taxes is un-American. But all of you socialist idiots are un-American to begin with. Free should be a dirty word because nothing in this world is “free” bernie and the goverment will plunder for you and provide you with more programs and services until when? His golden goose runs dry and the country is bankrupted? Congrats!
    The government gets in the way and delivers maybe 20 cents on the dollar in services. Do you really want them in charge of your healthcare? Your pension? They can’t even run the dmv properly and you want to trust them with your life?
    It is this naive and lazy thinking that will entrap you. Denmark has all kinds of free stuff….their personal income tax is 56% and their sales tax is 25%…add those two up…for every dollar you make how much is yours to direct….19 cents!!!! Wow they must feel so lucky to keep 19 cents per dollar they make all to themselves.
    Stop feeding the goverment more power. If you truly want corruption to end then fight the growth of goverment as well as monopolies. Both are bad. The naive idea that big goverment will save you is how people are enslaved. Wake up. Less taxes. Less regulation. Less goverment interference. More money in your pocket to use for the services you need and not the ones the goverment wants to provide to you at 500% the going rate. End socialist programs. Put the goverment on a diet. It’s draining society and bankrupting cities across America.

    • CJ says :

      Your math is wrong. Even if you are correct about Denmark’s Income and Sales Tax, the sales tax only applies to the 44% you spend (after tax), so they actually keep 33 cents to the dollar.

      Of course, that’s assuming that your numbers weren’t just pulled from thin air.

      Now, you could actually ASK the Danes how they’re doing… look up their Quality of Life Index rankings, survey responses, etc… but I doubt you have the diligence to work that hard.

    • Cody Gough says :

      “I’m going to ignore Bernie’s actual proposals and instead just mindlessly throw out statistics about other socialist countries out of context because all socialist things are exactly the same” is the stupid argument I just read in your comment. Good job calling everyone naive when you have literally no idea what you’re talking about though, I am actually impressed with how much dumber I feel after reading your comment

  30. Paula DeAngelus says :

    Hilary should be in jail not just for her emails but because she was responsible for the deaths of 4 great Americans and hundreds of people as a result of her mistakes. She is trying to hide as much as she can of her emails that are now being labeled as “top secret” she should be tried for treason.Bernie has pulled himself up out of poverty and spent years in our senate trying to help the common man and woman and child have a life that can make our country greater. He was arrested trying to right for civil rights. Hilary talked over him in the debates and tried to silence him. People who have millions and even billions should pay a higher take rate how much money does one family need? Need not want. Most of the GOP candidates can’t stand each other and most of the debates I saw were tearing each other down. Bernie is trying to campaign on the issues not personalities. Wall Street has no moral compass and neither do a lot of the big banks. CEO”s earn millions a year while they pay their workers low wages. Loop holes for the wealthy and big corporations need to be looker
    at. It can’t happen over night and not just one person has the power to do it. Bernie
    believes together we can win and take this country back so Americans can have a good life, education and good family values.

  31. CJ says :

    Pushing a snowball down a mountain is one thing- starting an avalanche is another.

    You seem to imply that we have nowhere else to go but up- that we are hopelessly broken- and that “feeling the Bern” can’t possibly be worse than what we have now.

    This is where you prove to be both stupid and unrealistic.

  32. Kelly says :

    “Free” this and “free” that are ridiculous in my humble opinion. AFFORDABLE is something I can get behind. Giving a person everything for free makes them a “taker” and we have enough of those already. Too many of our youth today feel the world owes them a painless, easy existence. If you want something get your butt out there and work for it. The extent of the governments help should be buying a bus ticket to get a person from their inner-city neighborhood that has no opportunity to a farm in the heartland where that extra pair of hands can be put to good use. A hand up, not a hand out.

    I’ve worked for big businesses my whole life (PepsiCo, Nabisco, Nestlé, etc.). Every single one offers more than a fair wage. Not one is reckless with worker safety. That is not to say that all big companies are the same, but when big businesses are constantly vilified as the evil mongers in our country, it is just plain wrong. Do the Koch brothers and their money have undue influence on our government? Absolutely. (and yes, I worked for them at one point many years ago). The lobbying and purchasing of politicians has to stop. When THAT happens we will all benefit. And until it happens nothing will get better, regardless of who the occupant of the White House is.

    While I can honestly say I am not “feeling the Bern”, given the options, he is the lesser of two evils. I worry about his age and health though. He looks less than robust and I seriously doubt he can withstand the rigors of the office. If he hopes to beat The Donald (and God help us all if THAT poor excuse of a human is elected) his choice of running mate better offset this aspect of his image.

  33. theothergore says :

    Cody – you are the status quo and so is Bernie Sanders. There is nothing revolutionary or progressive about one white guy voting another white guy supported by a bunch of other white guys into office. Especially not based on “potential” when there is a completely qualified female (more qualified in almost all ways) candidate who has an extremely similar platform and is also being frank about her approach – about being moderate and about the necessity of having to be political to create change. They are not so dissimilar, Bernie and Hillary – it’s just that Bernie is appealing to a majority white male constituency. Like Hillary or Bernie or not, favoring the promotion of a less qualified white man over a more qualified woman or minority is in no way progressive or moving us forward as a nation.

    Also, if you happen to be more liberal and think that Republicans are standing on their last leg with the candidates running on that ticket – as do some others who’ve written opinion pieces – Hillary is your best bet to seal that party’s fate. She is validated when she speaks of major Republican players paying for attack ads against her. That tells me they are not worried about Bernie in any way whatsoever – they are willing to ride out his 4 – 8 years , just like you say you are, except to give their party time to recover. They realize with Hillary in office, their recovery could be slowed for years if they ever recover at all. The ultimate transformation or demise of one of a two party system? Now THAT is revolution. Electing the first black man followed by the first woman into office THAT is revolution. Electing a white guy just because we hope he can do something – not revolution. Not even common sense in my opinion if you’re a Democrat, which by the way, I’m not.

  34. dj says :

    Regarding age: trump, bernie, clinton all within ~ 5 years of each other. Age is nothing but a number, it is how you live it. There are some mighty spry folks in their 90’s and old geezers at 40. Look how great Jerry Brown is doing in CA & he’s 77. According to wiki, Reagan was the oldest president to assume office. Plus it is as important who they bring with them. I was disappointed who Obama brought in, especially given the opportunities to fix WS. Bush II brought in the neocons which gave us a never-ending very costly war. It will be exciting to see who Bernie brings to the team.

    The first woman president…if that woman were: Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Tammy Duckworth, Rachel Maddow, Brooksley Born, Sandra Fluke. But, it will really be revolutionary when we do not judge by color of skin, age, sex, religion, or money, but the content of their character. The rest of the world must think we are strange because they have had Margaret Thatcher, Angel Merkel, Golda Meir, Pratibha Patil…

    We are suppose to be the richest country, but in some ways, some places, we are like a third world. Heck in some parts we poison our citizens (i.e., flint).

    Bernie is revolutionary because he is an Independent. His basic human rights and democratic values for all have been consistent. He is the real deal, and awesome.

    John Talbott was one of a few who predicted the housing crash, he say’s Bernie has it right:

    Hilliary is too connected to Wall Street:

    Unfortunately I can not get past Bill. Hilliary gets minuses for Bill’s actions like waving his finger and saying (well you know), removing Glass–Steagall Legislation, doubling the # of fed prisons w/resources going to incarceration vs rehabilitation accompanied w/pork, he seemed to revel in his personal scandals but then chose to drag the country w/him, NAFTA decreased jobs & increased pollution (Ross Perot was right). Her team will be Bill’s team. Let them run their private charity.

  35. Mark Lowe says :

    As an outsider looking in on this I am completely in shock over the state of politics in America. It is rather laughable. Don’t worry. It is no better here in Canada.

    “Believe nothing the government tell you”- George Carlin


  36. Kevin E. Houser says :

    You do realize that Sanders is a socialist, bordering on communism don’t you? So, you are ok with losing more rights, you are ok with being a slave. You do know history don’t you, socialism doesn’t work, it never has and when the government does take our guns, we will have no way of protecting ourselves.

  37. Sven R Larson says :

    So, Cody, how far down the hill do you want that snowball to roll? Scandinavian welfare state? I grew up in Sweden, I can spend the next week telling you horror stories about what it means to live under that system. I collected some of them in my book “Remaking America: Welcome to the Dark Side of the Welfare State”. Google it and get yourself a copy. Or do you want the snowball to roll even farther? Eliminate private property? You are far too young to have any memories of the Soviet Union, but I am old enough to do. I even went there. I traveled Eastern Europe when it was still under Communist rule. Want to hear what I saw? I’ll be happy to share all the experiences. Then you can also just pick up a book or two and learn for yourself. Start with Gulag Archipelago, or maybe you can read about the struggles during the Prague Spring.

    Perhaps then you’ll see that it is a bad idea to kick that snowball in the first place.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Any extreme is dangerous. But objectively. Capitalism has been pretty destructive to this country. Going a bit in the other direction is not a bad idea.

  38. Mr Bump says :

    “We are at a point in our history when we, as citizens this country, can legitimately make the United States of America the indisputable greatest country on earth. We have the rare opportunity to lead the world by example in showing what a government can do when it isn’t corrupt and solely focused on making a handful of individuals disproportionately wealthy.” Hahaha, sorry dude. I agree with the rest of your post, but I’m afraid you are seriously deluded if you think there aren’t plenty of other countries who have governments who aren’t corrupt and only focused on the wealthy. You won’t be leading the world, you’ll be playing some SERIOUS catch up. And you are so so far away from “the Greatest Country on Earth” that I don’t think you’ll ever hold that title again. And actually I’m pretty sure you never held it. Sorry.

  39. scrappypappy says :

    Author, shameful that you would correct a commenters grammar, you made many mistakes during your story.

  40. Vladimir Sonovabitch says :

    Uh… yes you are. To think that by taking money from people that earned it and giving to people that didn’t earn it is a valid system that will be successful is utterly insane. It might work in lego land or some other fantasy world, but not here.

    Those that earn the money will eventually say “Screw it” and stop working and the ones that don’t work will have no incentive to work OR no incentive to work had and become successful, because they will then be punished and have that money taken away.

    Eventually, Bernie will runout of other people’s money. Then what?

    Don’t believe that’s what he wants to do? This is a quote from Crazy Bernie.

    “I appeal to many who think that for various reasons the world just is not fair… To fix that, I am going to take money from people who earned it, and give it to those who did not.”

  41. Rick Conner says :

    I support Ted Cruz for most of the reasons you have given in support of Sanders.
    Socialism/Communism has failed miserably every time it has been tried. Thinking that putting someone else in charge of the system will only work if that someone is not a member of the human race.
    That is the biggest difference between what Marx and our Founding Fathers took into account. Our system of government that we seem to have forsaken takes the weak human animal into account. Socialism/Communism does not.
    Any change that we should be trying to make should be back toward the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    By the way, don’t start with the slavery and indentured servants argument. There isn’t anyone that wants to return to slavery except the Muslims that we are at war with currently and they are no friends of our Bill of Rights.

  42. Michael says :

    This is enlightening, I always wondered why an intellectual person would vote for a Socialist….I see it now, naivete. “Big Government” is the embodiment of corruption, but you think an even more massive “Bigger Government” will stop the corruption. Unfortunately you will find bigger government brings bigger corruption, its pretty simple actually. Vote for “Smaller Government” and more individual liberties rather than collective tyranny and we may keep this American Experiment going. Vote Socialist and the experiment given to us by the Founders is D-E-A-D.

    • Cody Gough says :

      Michael do you mean to tell me that our current system is not corrupt? When corporations and corporate interests run everything and destroy the middle class? I don’t know what experience you have that supposedly has informed you on this issue, but maybe stop reading crazy extreme right-wing websites and just look around you and it’s pretty obvious that our current system is completely broken.

      • jsturge says :

        I don’t think there is much argument that there is extensive corruption in our government (and all governments). It comes from many sources, internally and externally (including corporations).

        I think what he is saying is that more government will never lead to less corruption. More government will always lead to more opportunities for corruption and where there is opportunity there will be someone or some organization willing and able to exploit it.

        My concern is that you and other supporters seem to think that somehow Bernie’s proposed expansion of government will somehow be devoid of the corruption that always comes with more government, regardless of what you call the system.

  43. Jim Doyle says :

    This Cody clown works for NPR. That is the first clue he is not mentally stable or capable of free thought. You must goose step with with the dogma to stay employed at NPR. NPR is 359% socialist, marxist anti-conservative, anti republican, anti-freedom, anti capitalism, anti military anti 1st amendment for other people than themselves, pro big government, pro tax and spend, pro communist, pro islam and pro socialist organization. To try and explain his support of Bernie by saying I have a college degree shows how delusional this clown is. There are millions of mentally ill college degree holders spouting their ignorance on a daily basis. He is not smart he is not special, he is a useful puppet of NPR spouting his ignorance, nothing more.

    • Cody Gough says :

      I literally do not work for NPR. I work for WGN Radio. WGN Radio is owned by the Chicago Tribune, and is in no way affiliated with NPR. You are an idiot.

    • Marionumber1 says :

      Lol, NPR has had a pretty obvious anti-Bernie slant, so it seems that at least one of your assumptions (NPR being socialist or Sanders being socialist) is wrong.

  44. Will says :

    The fact that you think that *possibly* he won’t get any of his major idea through in **even 4 years** makes you look highly unrealistic.

  45. Mike says :

    I think he will actually get more done than Hillary since the Repubs hate Hillary so much, they would go out of their way to block everything she tries. She wears their hatred like a badge of honor, which is ridiculous. I think they will disagree with Bernie on a lot of things, but I think they will at least respect him – and some common ground may be reached. Of course, it will also depend on who control Congress.

  46. Gary Moore says :

    Maybe, just maybe, you BS, followers should look at the history of the socialization of Russia, and China and the Slavic nations and then try to convince the world your not stupid. The millions of lives destroyed while the elite lived like kings and the people ended up living like gutter rats. Stupid doesn’t start to describe what you are.

  47. Tim williams says :

    The fact that you have to title your article with “and I’m not…” just helps to make the point.

  48. Dana says :

    I agree completely — “stupid” is not an appropriate term at all. “Dangerously naive,” however, fits perfectly. “Voting for hope” is exactly what got Obama elected 8 years ago. Although if you’re cool with everything he’s done, like doubling the national debt, then I guess there’s no way to reach you.

  49. efrank32792 says :

    Last time I checked Stewart’s statement just sounds like he’s describing Ron Paul

  50. Felix says :

    “I’ve got a college education…” But, sir, you don’t “got” a good one.

  51. Anita Phillips says :

    “And no, I don’t get the sense that Hillary Clinton possesses any of those qualities. Decidedly.” This is where you lose me. Hillary has earned the presidency, not because she’s a woman, but because she is the best. Democrats repeating the GOP garbage that she is untrustworthy, is low and that is “unrealistic” to democrats. BS is using the democratic platform and machine for his benefit, other wise he has never supported it. Hillary will be the next president, despite all this.

  52. Richard says :

    Cody, well written, sincere, to the point, and I think you have captured what all of us Bernie supporters feel. Great piece!!

  53. Ray says :

    No, his authenticity comes across as authentic. What comes across as lunacy is his idea that the government is way too small.

  54. Andrew Vinstra says :

    While I agree with Bernie Sanders in theory and will at the very least admit (and admit readily and handily) that corporate capitalism in America has been an unchecked force for far too long I think I’ll play devil’s advocate here and ask one simple question and that is this: If corporate capitalism as a force is so hard to check other than by massive participation in democratic elections to send our elected representatives a message so they will then “do what we want” and vote for more regulations of businesses and more BUREAUCRACY to oversee the regulations then how is this same “voter participation” supposed to counter the increased power and authority of unelected bureaucrats when they act for their own power and authority and not for the public benefit. Just as the profit motive drives corporations to cut corners and ignore workers rights and welfare the self interest of any bureaucrat is going to be to keep, protect and promote their job at almost any cost. Why trust a growing multiplicity of city, county, state and federal bureaucrats to promote the general interest and public welfare over a bunch of private corporations? Are the bureaucrats going to do a better job of governance in the long run over a bunch of private profiteers? Both groups have their own self interest at heart with the main difference being the bureaucrat plays to a lower common denominator meaning primarily that the bureaucrat may be a little less ambitious in the theft. In the end isn’t the loss to the taxpayer at best a wash? Sorry to be so cynical but I’m fairly certain all human endeavors are going to be beset with a certain level of corruption. Changing the operating system is only going to change the way the corrupt operators play and I wonder if this is really a change for the better.

  55. Mark says :

    Bernie Sanders believes in the redistribution of wealth. He believes government masterminds such as himself should decide from whom to take wealth and to whom to give it (just listen to his speeches). Our constitution was created to protect us from this type of thinking and tyranny, but the constitution has been under constant assault by the masterminds of the left for 100 years now (which sorry to say, includes democrats and republicans).

    Where will all of this wealth, to be redistributed, come from? Does the left not understand there is not enough money on the planet to pay for every thing that is promised? If every single dollar of wealth created by the entire U.S. each year (meaning every person, company, organization that produces income a.k.a GDP) was only devoted to pay off the national debt and unfunded liabilities (approaching 200 trillion dollars), it would take over 10 years to pay it off. And this is only if 100% of wealth is confiscated, meaning no one would get to keep any of their earnings! Some from the left will respond to this logic and reason with some Marxist, utopian clap trap, but the truth is as the great Eric Hoffer stated:

    “It is the true believer’s ability to ‘shut his eyes and stop his ears’ to facts that do not deserve to be either seen or heard which is the source of his unequaled fortitude and constancy. He cannot be frightened by danger nor disheartened by obstacle nor baffled by contradictions because he denies their existence.”

  56. Edward Astor says :

    Well said Cody! A vote for Sanders is a vote for the CHANCE that change and reform will ensue. The alternatives offered offer NO chance of change. Who’s afraid to try for a change? Come on America, grow a pair and vote in your self interest. You’ll welcome the change.

  57. Betsy Command says :

    So well said. I think one of the most important things that our current Dems can do is to nudge the inertia ball to rolling, to gin up enthusiasm with all of us voting in the mid terms. It is the only way change can really happen. What president Obama has been able to accomplish in the face of the “do nothing” republican dominated congress is awesome. But imagine what could have been done with a congress that was unconcerned with corporate and media meddling.

  58. m pendleton says :

    Geez, Cody, you really set yourself up for some heavy trolling by internet assholes. But I’m with you. Standing with Bernie.

  59. Brian Cawhern says :

    I am not a supporter of Bernie or Hillary, my vision for the country differs from yours. But, I can applaud your motivations to support him on the grounds he has a vision to fix what is wrong with politics. America can never expect a broken system to work until you fix the system. You see, Republicans and Dems are not that far apart on the core issue. Clean out the abuse in Washington so the people can have the power to lead our country.

  60. Steve Heimoff says :

    Voting for Bernie is neither stupid nor unrealistic. As a Hillary supporter, I get it. BUT it is the height of stupidity and unreality for a Democrat to say they won’t vote at all if Hillary is the nominee. You might as well go out and vote for Trump or Cruz. I expect liberals and Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton when/if she’s the nominee even if you have to hold your nose.

  61. Adam Friedman says :

    You are describing totalitarian communism, not democratic socialism. Please see Gary Moore thread above. For instance, this response: “Socialist countries are: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada,… (I could continue). The countries you named are Communist – which is a COMPLETELY different system. 😦 Best to you.”

  62. David says :

    “We.. can legitimately make the United States of America the indisputable greatest country on earth.”

    Are you guys still banging on about needing to be the greatest on earth? Isn’t that the whole problem with the corporate sector – needing to be the biggest player in their industry? I think Bernie is saying let’s drop that insecure need and come back to some core values like fairness and sustainability.

  63. Jonathan Ursin says :

    I believe Hillary Clinton is the best choice for the Democratic Party Nominee. Do you remember what happened last time the Democratic Party pushed to far? Do you remember when the Affordable Health Care Act was passed Democrats controlled the White House, the House, and Senate. Now the Democrats possess one of these. If Obama pushed to far Sanders is going to push WAY too far. Lets not make this mistake again.

    I also do not want a President that’s going to act like a drama queen about everything. I get so tired of this bombastic language. It’s like the world is going to end if he’s not elected President. Super. Annoying.

    Last and certainly not least I believe the Sanders campaign is wrought with what politicians are most well known for and that’s big empty promises.

  64. David Holman says :

    I’m actually ok with what you say. As a libertarian, I share your view that sometimes you vote in the probably vsin hope it will matter. I just wonder what percentage of Sanders base is acting on principle,as you appear to be, and what percentage just heard “free stuff”.

  65. JasonNina Milton says :

    that you graduated from a college does not in any way lend credibility to you thinking independently. Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand what collateral is. Im not talking about particle physics or advanced chemistry here. Collateral. how it applies to interest rates and borrowing amounts on loans. Bernie doesn’t understand it. Bernie is also only honest if you ignore what came to light about the VA in 2014 through 2015. and you have to ignore it completely, since he is on and was the chairman of the senate committee for Veterans affairs.

  66. JasonNina Milton says :

    Socialism will firmly entrench the largest corporations and choke the smallest out of existence. Cronyism will grow exponentially. and the big banks that everyone hates? look at sweden.
    The currency of socialism is access.

  67. Republican Girl Probs says :

    He is a blatant socialist who doesn’t believe this country is worth saving. He doesn’t believe in the founders originality when it came to building this country. He wants to give you free stuff off of the backs of others. When the kids get their free college, they’ll be happy until they realize they worked hard for their success to die off in taxes. Bernie is burning you, he doesn’t care about any of us. Just like Obama or Hilary.

  68. Victor says :

    Nice piece Cody. I’m sharing it.

  69. Terry Cannon says :

    Very well said! I may just copy and paste this into Facebook every time some dweeb calls me naive.

    My most recent reply to the “unrealistic” comments is that MLK didn’t preach that he’d gone to the mountain and found it too steep to climb.

  70. misfithomeschoolmom says :

    Such a great article! My favorite, “What I do expect, by electing Bernie Sanders, is to have an honest president whom Americans can trust at all times to be completely sincere, and who will work as hard as he can to represent the interests of the American people.” That is exactly how I feel. I think you really hit the nail on the head. What would it really be like to have someone authentic? Not sure, but I’d love to find out!

  71. Kathy Isabel Stockman says :

    As a Clinton supporter, I’ve never really believed Sanders supporters are stupid….at least I hope I never thought this. In fact, more times than not I admired the belief he can get all of this done. I certainly appreciate and in fact and genuinely happy he has raised the bar on progressiveness.

    However, this column, this “it (the revolution) may not even happen, but worth a shot” makes me want to scream. This is absolutely reckless. It’s one thing to vote for what you believe in, but to use your vote to take a shot on something that you know may not work (because you aren’t stupid) is truly unconscionable.

    I’d much rather believe Sanders supporters were just ignorant. 😦

  72. dickb says :

    I get that skolvike does not like communists, but the likelihood that he/she hangs around much with those who like democracy seems slim.

  73. theleagueofelder says :

    So, assuming Bernie manages to somehow get past the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary, you’re advocating voting for a president that will probably get absolutely done. That’s amazing–it really is, and a little sad as well. Let’s go a bit further down the rabbit hole and assume he manages to get some of his legislation passed. Bernie’s going to be so far into your pockets he’s going to know how many rivets are holding your Levis’ together. You might say: “I don’t wear Levis’, hos,” well, you’re going to be as that’s all you’ll be able to afford after Hurricane Bernie rolls through your bank account and redistributes everything he finds there to the State. The trillions he’s going to need to make his magic work are going to come right off the backs of the middle class, just like it always has. It doesn’t matter what he says, that’s what he’s going to have to do. The reason Bernie seems like a breath of fresh air is because, like Trump, he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind and discuss the political Armageddon he plans to unleash. Bernie’s selling you a timeshare in Nowheresville, Florida right now, we’re all right in the middle of the “Tour”, the pitch, and we know how timeshares go. When the Tour ends, it’s time to pay.

  74. Frank Neuman says :

    No one can be a Socialist and for the Constitution at the same time . America has a Constitution – honor it – live by it – or leave the country because of it .America became the most prosperous and most powerful country on earth as a capitalist country . People who like socialism need to live in Sweden / Russia and then think again .

  75. Lou Brudnock says :

    Typical Far Left Liberal promoting Communism. Heaven help our Country from these Idiots!!!

  76. Mike says :

    Nailed it.

  77. Janis Ripple says :

    We are agreeing…my whole Wacky family and a few neighbors too😍🙋🎆

  78. alex says :

    Yeah really, I didn’t like Bernie to begin with and this post gave me no reason to think otherwise.

  79. Cody Gough says :

    Cool story bro

  80. Gayle Collier says :

    That is why people need to vote! Vote out those do nothing people in Congress!

  81. Marionumber1 says :

    Oh look, another moron confusing social democracy with communism.

  82. Cody Gough says :

    *you’re not stupid, not “your.” Also socialism did not cause those regimes, they were caused by totalitarianism. You shouldn’t call people stupid when you don’t actually know what you’re talking about, Gary. Come on.

  83. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea says :

    Hmmm… “The elite lived like kings and the people ended up living like gutter rats.”

    Congratulations…you just described the current landscape of the United States of Corporamerica.

  84. Julie says :

    While you are so wrong about everything you said, we have the elite living like kings and my guess the homeless feel like gutter rats. Who is responsible for that? And its not nice to call names. It’s called bullying and I would guess you are a Trump supporter.

  85. Marti Olsen says :

    Gary, I’m pretty sure those were/are COMMUNIST regimes to which you’re referring. (Note: “You’re” is a contraction formed from two words “you” and “are” involving the elision of the vowel ‘a’ which is replaced by an apostrophe.) The well-worded article above, as well as the majority of intelligent remarks below, refer to DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM.

  86. Ryan McGrath says :

    Agreed. Though sadly these idiots do not realize what needs to happen before socialism takes hold of this country. Many Bernie supporters do not know what Hitler’s policies were while he ruled. Hitler gave everyone jobs, but he kept the minimum wage low to prevent further inflation. He also gave free healthcare… then doctors left because they were over worked. Then he also gave them free education, kids from the age of 4 could be put in “schools” where, like today *cough* Liberals*cough*, they were indoctrinated to be nothing more than slaves to the system.

  87. Trena says :

    Gary – Are you kidding? (I’m literally wondering.) Socialist countries are: England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada,… (I could continue). The countries you named are Communist – which is a COMPLETELY different system. 😦 Best to you.

  88. Gayle Collier says :

    Gary do you like public schools? Fire protection? Police protection? Social security? Yes? How do you like democratic socialism?

  89. Poul says :

    GM, sorry to say that you’re making the classical, US American mistake when you talk about socialistic systems; Yes, the East Block broke in, as dictatorships mostly do. What BS is aiming at, is the Scandinavian Wellfare Model, which he wants to bring to work for you guys as well. I’m from Denmark myself – socio-liberal (and it works) – and from travelling in the US I can say lots of nice things about your country, but you still need to correct living circumstances for many million people. Unfortunately, I don’t see BS having a chance of success, mostly because a wellfare system like the Scandinavian asks for high moral standards of the population, e.g. the will to pay your taxes. Looking on the US debates from the outside, it’s pretty horrible to see a man like Donald Trump getting into the spotlight the way he does. Do you want him as your next president?

  90. kasey says :

    I have been to Slovak countries as a new American. And honestly I did not notice anything different. I attended numerous student on student convos and they always asked about our health care. When asked about there’s it was universal but many opted to have insurance so they could go to the doctors they wanted and get seen quicker than 4-5 days. Also I noticed government funded housing. Everyone had a place to live but yes they have higher taxes less women worked and had careers (I disagreed) but the majority seemed happy. The women seemed. Happy being able.to work and getting an education an proving their worth and mentally but were fine with taking care of a household much like the 50s. Those who had careers and lived in government housing worked About 30-35 hours a week and we’re in management. I am a director of sales here and I work 55-60 hours a week. It’s a catch 22. Can a truly democratic society exist? Look at the Romans. And the corruption. Which we have. Can socialism exist and survive? Can communist society exists and survive? Can a Marxist theory survive and exist? Or do we need to blend the best of these ideals to eliminate greed and corruption? Or can corruption ever be cured?

  91. PJCarter says :

    And who says we are not living that today? We have a corrupt political arena of greedy people who are only interested in what that political life can do for them! Pensions and insurance for life, etc., etc. They did not get elected to help us. They got elected to help themselves and it continues year after year after year, no matter what political group is in power. We need to start thinking about what is broken with this system, that we keep voting in year, after year, after year the same crooks regardless of party. We need change. Change that puts the needs of the majority (us), not the needs and Wants of those chosen few, at the forefront of our political arena. We elect these people to represent us, but, all we get is greedy, selfish, dishonest people, time and time again., that only represent themselves. It is time that we get off of this ‘broken merry-go-round’ and start actually electing those who are interested in working for the people. The only problem with that is, we are only given those few to chose from and we are just voting in the lessor of the two evils. Can we get some constructive criticism rather than destructive rhetoric? We could really, really use some.

  92. healthscare says :

    Profoundly curious, how do you think the elites are living here?

  93. KjellNordhus says :

    You know, and I know that this is just what is going on now in america, a few disgusting rich at the top, and a lot of underpaid workers who has to relay on foodstamps and goverment help to make things go around.

  94. Vaden Newman says :

    Spoken like a man who truly has no idea what he’s talking about.

  95. Frederick J. Calabrese says :

    One of the biggest issues facing the Sanders campaign is that the corporate masters, through their media, have brainwashed a significant part of our population into conflating Social Democracy with Maoist and Stalinist Communism.

  96. catglass says :

    *you’re* hehehehe

  97. Janet Coffin says :

    You might want to read up on what democratic socialism is. We now have an oligarchy here in the United States, where the rich are getting richer and the middle class is disappearing, and it is not due to any socialist programs, it is due to unbridled greed and corruption at the top of the economic food chain. The elite ARE living like kings, like emperors, and the little guys are struggling. I am not stupid, and i don’t resort to name calling.

  98. Ian McLeod says :

    slavic socialist countries – you mean like norway, sweden, finland, iceland… places where democracy overrides corporate feudalism… but perhaps you haven’t traveled and you only get your facts from the tea party brochures…

  99. Laurie Ann says :

    +Gary Moore in case you have not noticed…that is already how it is here in the US of A

  100. Phil says :

    Wow talk about needing to read up,

  101. Dianna B. says :

    You miss Bernie’s issues totally. The way the country is being run now will end up with the scenario you just described. Bernie wants the working man, the middle and lower class to become more wealthy and earn a livable wage and be able to have decent lives, instead of the rich getting richer and living like kings while the rest of struggle to make ends meet. It’s ok to be rich, but the people WORKING and making the wealth deserve to see some of it their paychecks too. What the dollar will buy shrinks more every year and the wages stay the same. If a corporation is making a profit, the employees deserve to move up in life too along with the owners. Bernie is not talking about making the working man live like a gutter rat, the Republicans are achieving that on their own. Bernie wants it to stop.

  102. mendosceno says :

    Exactly what we have today with unrestrained capitalism is “…millions of lives destroyed while the elite lived like kings and the people ended up living like gutter rats.” So I say back to you your own words: “Stupid doesn’t start to describe what you are.”

  103. cornomike says :

    That’s the way it is now. The socialistic form that Bernie is talking about is not the same form of any communist country.
    Educate yourself as to what a democratic socialist government is.

  104. redboat says :

    several Scandinavian countries are governed by socialist ideas and principals. the most content people in the world live in Denmark. you need to do some research and get your head out of the sand.. check some American history in the early 1900’s. tell me, do you approve of our political haggling, are you satisfied with the imbalance of our income, do you think our health insurance premiums are fair and just. oh, and by the way, there is a big difference between communism and socialism. nice talking to you Gary.

  105. redboat says :

    gary.. cody quote ” But if Bernie Sanders is elected president, then maybe, just maybe, things will change. And that’s worth a vote. That’s worth trying. “

  106. jack francis says :

    Gary….there are huge gaps in your knowledge of world political systems….Bernie is Not proposing a Communist form of Government but rather a democratic socialist system that
    honors,promotes capitalism with Governmental controls to protect its citizens from greed,hoarding of wealth….a few hundred Billionaires own 90+ % of the wealth in our country as our infrastructure deteriorates before our eyes, we do not have a democracy as Corporations are able to buy the votes of members of Congress;that is reality Gary…
    The Achilles heal of Capitalism has always been GREED;FDR was able to put in banking controls such as The Glass Segal act so that the common folk would Not get ripped off as we did in 2008…I urge you to study up on various forms of Government…Canada…Germany..
    Above all do not be taken in with politicians who divide us using tactics of fear…wish you much happiness in2016

  107. laserjox says :

    Gary Moore I’m not a big fan of Sanders, but I should point out that the national regimes you point out in your somewhat overly emotional and grammatically incorrect rant, were not socialism, but Communist Dictatorships (supposedly the interim totalitarian state necessary to transform to true socialism) Having said that, some of the best ideas for the non-rich working people in America have socialist roots. e.g. Unemployment insurance, social security, minimum wage, 40 hour work week (weekends) paid vacation, etc. etc. I don’t think a guy expressing some sociaist ideas is going to endanger the USA becoming a totalitarian state, anytime soon

  108. Teresa Arena says :

    Well Gary Moore, Perhaps you need to polish up on your spelling. If a grown man can’t differentiate between your and you’re, then I don’t feel that you have the right to call someone else stupid. And I presume that stupid doesn’t even start to describe what you are.

  109. Jimmy says :

    Gary, haven’t you noticed that in the US, “the elite live like kings and the people live like gutter rats?” Big banks, income differential, large corporations and the ‘uber-wealty’ receiving incredible tax advantages. Wake up, little boy. Look around you. Pay attention. The evils you talk about in your post already exist and were absolutely caused by the RepubOBagger mentality in Congress. They were not caused by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. They were caused by people such as yourself who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about!!!

  110. Freud Voltaire says :

    Since you seem to present yourself as an actual or former member of the military, I am going to let you in a little secret. I was born in a foreign country and as a little boy, I used to be invited to social events in the national palace by the then president a general who was my father’s childhood friend. I used to be in awe whenever I shook his hand, admiring this tall handsome man in his splendid uniform. I swore that I would have to be in the army when I grow up. Now I attended a top notch Catholic school and we were taught that according to the religion’s philosophy a human being reaches the age of REASON when he or she turned seven years old. Well, what do you know, I stopped dreaming about a career in the military. You see I had very educated parents and I spend countless hours in my mother’s library, so I was always at the top of my class and was considered very intelligent. I realized that I could not go in the military because I would never agree to take orders from people less knowledgeable than me. Years ago, my son left college and enrolled in the army. When a not so bright and racist sergeant started to persecute him for being too smart for his own good he decided that this is not where he should be. I hope you see where I am going with this. Just in case, calling people stupid is something some white Americans do a lot when they actually have no intellectual leg to stand on.

  111. dickb says :

    Evil, power hungry leaders can bastardize any system (even ours), but Bernie Sanders is neither evil nor power hungry. He supports the betterment of our system for the betterment of its people. FDR, along with the people and the leaders of many European countries, Sweden, e.g., have implemented “democratic socialism” and their economies, lifestyles and happiness indexes have not suffered, in fact have prospered. If that’s stupid, give me some! 4 (or 8) years of Bernie Sanders would at least keep greater control of our future from the know-nothing, do-less, government destroyers offered up by the Republicans.

  112. Victor says :

    Your post seems uninformed. Maybe, just maybe, you should learn the differences between Democratic Socialism and Stalinist Socialism (Stalinism). I seriously doubt you will bother though.


    Wait, I need to go move my car. The socialist snowplows are coming.

  113. Matt says :

    “Democratic socialism?” You mean like, say, Venezuela right now? You clowns are what we get for not teaching history for a generation. “Democratic Socialism” isn’t new. It’s roots are exactly the same as they’ve been for thousands of years: take something you didn’t earn, by force, and give it to someone else. Call it what you want–communism, “democratic socialism,” socialism…it’s still the same old pig dressed in different mud. It doesn’t work.

  114. Walter says :

    Democratic Socialism is a mutually exclusive term. If a man wants to take money that I have earned (higher taxes) and give it to people who have not earned it (social welfare), it’s theft, not fairness. Bernie ‘s plans are financially disastrous unless you want to triple our national debt

  115. TStephens says :

    So when Bernie Sanders implements his new Tax Reform and Drives all Job Creation to a halt and no one has a Job because it is to costly to conduct business in the United States, What is going to happen then, What is it going to take to make you all realize that Bernie Sanders is not what is needed for the United States. I used to be a Staunch Democrat but over the last Decade I have seen the Democratic Party completely loose its mind and is seeking to Destroy this country. Until either Party pulls it head out of its fifth point of Contact and do what is best for this country I see little to no change in the current path we are on….

  116. Cody Gough says :

    You want to talk about theft? What about huge corporations that get tax breaks so our country doesn’t have enough money to fix our crumbling infrastructure? How about when taxpayer money was paid to save failing big banks? I can’t believe you would honestly talk about “theft” in this country with a straight face. Our current system is disastrous and all Bernie is proposing is to tip the scales back in the direction of 99 percent of Americans.

  117. Cody Gough says :

    But Bernie is barely supported by the current Democratic Party establishment. They are fighting tooth and nail to put Hillary in the White House because they know that Bernie doesn’t represent other rich Democrats, but instead represents the interests of the people of this country. I understand your disillusion with the Democratic Party, but Bernie has run as an Independent for most of his career – a vote for Bernie is hardly a vote for Democratic Party politics-as-usual!

  118. What.. says :

    Yea no. There is stark difference between being thoughtful in an article and just being actually unrealistically ‘black and white’ about everything in the World, the later which seems to be what your post seems to be implying the author should do.

  119. Cody Gough says :

    Gotcha – I will revise to “I support Bernie Sanders, and I’m not dangerously naive or unrealistic.” Has a nice ring to it. Thanks!

  120. Cody Gough says :

    I was writing conversationally. It’s a blog post, not an academic paper. Have you ever heard of “literature,” by the way? I’ve heard that some forms of it don’t always write proper English

  121. lttlrd161718 says :

    It should read, “I have a college education…”. Go back to grammar class. I learned it in the 4th grade, Cody Gough. Now I’m going to go and play a game of Bernie Beer Pong. Every time he mentions another “free” social program that is going to cost me more taxes as a minimum wage worker, I’m going to go and drink somebody else’s beer. I should get quite drunk.

  122. What.. says :

    I’m sure on the crux of this argument rests the comma and period of his point. Thankfully, we have such adapt and swift persons to rush to aid the author, lest this slight grammatical error upend the universe and therefore cause all of us with intelligence and, dare I say, thought, to be unable to interpret the scribblings of one who does not truly know that it is grammar first, and idea last.

    Oh that I could read anything without having to think about it!

  123. Marionumber1 says :

    “Hillary has earned the presidency, not because she’s a woman, but because she is the best.”
    How is she the best?

    “BS is using the democratic platform and machine for his benefit, other wise he has never supported it.”
    He has caucused with the Democrats since he entered Congress in 1991, and they’ve given him committee appointments. In fact, he’s always run for their nomination in Vermont, but declined it. Now he’s running for their legitimate nomination in order to avoid splitting the progressive vote. Not a drastic change.

  124. Elaine Fallah says :

    Ok, first of all we are already Social Democracy, or pretty close to it.
    I read somewhere once the Capatalism will. Not work without morality.
    Seems that is what’s been happening here.
    those at the top of the food change seem to have the ” Let them eat cake” mentality

  125. Cody Gough says :

    Anita, I’m fine with you thinking she’s the best informed candidate. But there are dozens of videos out there of her drastically changing her position on key issues in order to “play the politics game” and advance her career, regardless of the principles behind it. You can tell me she has more “experience” if you want but I don’t buy the idea that she’s honest, and I’m sorry but statistically the majority of Americans agree with me. She just isn’t trustworthy to me, or millions of other people.

  126. Cody Gough says :

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!!

  127. laserjox says :

    Cody On the question of Hilary’s honesty. I don’t find the evidence that she changes position to gain political advantage. That sounds like a “flip-flopper” allegation and unworthy of your otherwise well thought out commentary. What I have witnessed is a person changing positions over time, and if you are open minded and become convinced your position should change this would be reflected in your recorded comments. For example: I don’t feel the same way on abortion that I did 40 years ago, my position on gays in the military and women in combat hs changed, my stance on guns is in constant flux because I’m pro-2nd amendment , pro-,military, pro-law enforcement, but can also see where a little more control here or there would not inconvenience those positions…. and so it goes. Therefore, as I am subject to modifying my positions I have a less cynical view of those whose public statements have modified over time.

  128. What.. says :

    It is a decent article so thanks for posting it!

    Sorry you had to weather so much abuse from the comments from folks.

    The attacks of opinion on Bernie are nothing new to this election sadly. Everyone has their bias and Worldview, but at least we have enough of a Country left for people to attempt -even if in the form of a belch- to talk to folks with different opinions.

    Hopefully Clinton / Bernie supporters cease attacking one another at some point.

    It is however, foolish when people don’t offer any criticism other than to talk about others’ grammar. English isn’t the most ‘smooth’ language grammar-wise. This said, some feel unduly deserving of acclaim and honor for their own mastery of English, and demonstrate such by pointing out when someone -if accidentally- momentarily stumbles.

  129. Cody Gough says :

    I’m not judgmental of people who change their minds – everyone has that right. I guess I more meant to point out the unflinching consistency of Bernie in contrast to Hillary, whom has changed on more issues that I’d like. Things like gay marriage, abortion, etc., I understand, but I like that when something economically disastrous like the TPP comes around, I immediately know exactly where Bernie stands, end of story, as opposed to having to worry about what motivation might or might not influence a politician’s opinion on something. I hope that clears up my sentiment!

  130. dickb says :

    If my “choice” for managing the business of running services affecting my community is between the ignaramus who lives across town that I help elect or the CEO of the enterprise contracted to (pick one or more) build/maintain the streets; keep the peace; manage the city’s waste; respond to emergencies; etc., I’ll take the guy/gal I elected. I can get rid of him/her as soon as I can convince enough of my neighbors that we’d be better off without her/him. We can limit the damage by being vigilant and convincing, I.e., social and democratic. The CEO may not remain in place any longer than our incompetent neighbor, but will have vacated the position of influence having left with the comfort of a golden parachute, paid for from profits gained at our expense, without our knowledge, the enterprise maintaining a non-disclosure clause in the CEO’s contract.

    Of course, I realize that our libertarian neighbors have little need for the services I reference as they are able to thrive, needing access only to their horse and gun!

  131. What.. says :

    The point of the Constitution is to protect the people from any in the Government, Right and Left, from violating their rights as a Citizen. Correct?

    Party affiliation of candidates or sitting politicians is irrelevant and several Republican Presidents (notably President Lincoln, and more recently George Bush JR- but note the times they were Presidents in) have gone against the law to suspend habeas corpus of citizens. In the case of George Bush and perhaps even Barack Obama, these politicians allowed warrant-less wire taping and mass collection of everyone’s metadata from phone calls, perhaps even internet use. Many of the current Republican candidates think its OK for the Government to continue to collect everyone’s data.

    To the “Redistribution of wealth” comment directly – how would you say this would impact those 1% who have been found to have more wealth combined, than the majority of the rest of the World combined (Oxfam states this is 99%)? Then the 1% use such wealth to buy politicians and influence elections or move t?

    Would you say this statistical fact of such massive wealth disparity, even within the US (1% of US Citizens own 40% of the Country’s total wealth, the bottom 80% of the population however owns 7%), has no impact or influence on the policies which affect all of us in some direct manner?

  132. What.. says :

    “Then the 1% use such wealth to buy politicians and influence elections or move t?”

    Should read, “Then the 1% use such wealth to buy politicians and influence elections or move to places which allow them to pay lower taxes or maybe even avoid them altogether.”

  133. Caroline says :

    Can’t win Powerball if you don’t play, right? Forget that the chances of winning are miniscule, forget that you’d be better off saving or investing that money. It’s all worth it for the “chance.”

  134. Cibirochka says :

    Caroline, I don’t think powerball is a good comparison. If we could enter to win the powerball without any cost, a lot of us would do it. Of course, with an election you’re giving up the ability to vote for someone else, but to some people there is no candidate who would be better.

  135. Betty Welkie says :


  136. Will says :

    As I recall President Obama had the House and Senate under complete Democrat control for his first two years in office with no where near enough votes for the Republicans to stop anything. Yet he did very little of any substance. Just wondering folks keep talking about how great an wonderful all these socialist utopias in Europe are then why go thru all the pain an suffering to change this country will little real chance of changing anything and move to the other places. No fuss no muss set for life. Also what is a liveable wage? When I worked a job paying 6 bucks an hour I thought people making 20 dollars an hour where “rich”. Who gets to decide who is rich and who gets what and how much? Still waiting to hear what “their fair share” actually means.

  137. Cody Gough says :

    Haha thanks. Fortunately I’m not too shabby at trolling them back 🙂

  138. Cody Gough says :

    It’s more about showing a good example politically. We already as a nation insist on being the world’s police officer, and that includes every candidate of both parties. So it’s an inherent part of our government DNA. We must embrace it whether we want to or not.

  139. Ed King says :

    David….Spoken like pebbles in David’s sling….they just might find their mark in the middle of Goliath’s forehead!

  140. Cody Gough says :

    I think that’s a quitter’s attitude. “One president wasn’t super effective, so let’s never vote for someone we believe represents the best interests of the American people EVER AGAIN.” Short sighted and defeatist.

  141. Cody Gough says :

    It’s hard to know, since that’s not really something you can quantify. But most of the conversations I’ve had with Bernie supporters have been pretty informed ones. I doubt the majority of his support comes from just wanting free stuff, as you said.

  142. Cody Gough says :

    Should’ve specified liberal arts college, I guess. Also I’m pretty sure he understands economic principles, since he’s basically obsessed with them. Your argument isn’t really a good one. In terms of the VA, no one person can control everything, but at least his legislation has been a step in the right direction, not just sitting idly by.

  143. Cody Gough says :

    Do you think our current system is set up to not entrench the largest corporations? Have you ever heard of Comcast?

  144. Vladimir Sonovabitch says :

    Nailed it.

  145. Cody Gough says :

    Haha I actually wrote this piece in the first place because I saw a comment that annoyed me, and I was like “I’m not explaining this for the millionth time.” Thanks for the positive feedback and I hope you find it comes in handy!

  146. Cody Gough says :

    Saying “a revolution might not happen but it’s worth a shot” is what our forefathers said when they went to war to create our country in the first place. Would you have preferred that they hadn’t been “reckless” as you say?

  147. Cody Gough says :

    Lou Brudnock, you are an idiot. I am not promoting communism. Bernie Sanders is not a communist. At no point in your factually inaccurate comment did you provide any demonstration of independent thought. I, and everyone else who read it, are now dumber for having seen what you had to say. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  148. John Hughes says :

    Actually, if you support Sanders, you’re just ignorant…..just like Sanders.You haven’t done your homework that’s all. You don’t understand the ramifications currency wise or anything market wise.

  149. Marionumber1 says :

    Lol, it’s always great when someone comes in saying how dumb Sanders supporters are, but mysteriously won’t provide an actual reason why.

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