Macroeconomics Gone Wrong: The Ratchet Effect

Yes, my teacher is responsible for the large green "PRAY" written across the page.

Yes, my teacher is responsible for the large green “PRAY” written across the page.

November 15, 2001: Question #4 on my macroeconomics quiz, junior year of high school:

Question 4. Graph and explain the ratchet effect (in detail as usual).

Answer: like a ratchet, it can turn one way, but not the other way

(Teacher note: “lol!”)

The money shot here is that after grading my test – on which I received a 15/60 – my teacher wrote, in thick green marker across the entire page: PRAY

Yes, I’m serious… my teacher actually handed my paper back with “PRAY” written across it. He was a hilarious guy, though, seriously! I’m glad he re-paid the laugh I gave him with my ridiculous answer to the final question on the quiz.

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